RIP Steve Jobs

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Steve Jobs RIP

While I’ve never succumbed to Apple’s Macs, iPods or iPhones, I know that without any of these devices we wouldn’t have some of the non-Apple tech we have today. Steve Jobs’ Apple pushed everyone to their limits.

More importantly, without Steve Jobs, we wouldn’t have had Pixar. And for that I’m truly grateful.


  1. I heard about this from my social worker. Also not a devotee of Apple’s stuff but I recognise how their innovation pushed forward other companies to develop tech too.

    Just a sad day for the technology world.

  2. I absolutely agree. Not gonna lie, I’m a bit of an Apple fangirl, though strangely, I never craved the iphone. There’s nothing in the world that could prize me away from my HTC Desire Z, but I acknowledge that, without the iphone, things probably wouldn’t be the way they are right now within the mobile sector. Or at least, such advancements would have taken longer, maybe?

    There was something about Steve Jobs in general, though, that set him apart in my mind. Not just that he was a tech visionary, but… I don’t know how to explain it. I just feel a deep sadness for his passing which has taken me by surprise.

    That, and I always thought he looked like Steven Spielberg. Random!

    • He had a very philosophical yet very driven way at looking at life. Even before he was diagnosed with cancer, he led his life in such a way that it was hard for him not to make some sort of meteorical impact on the world.

      I thought he looked like Spierlberg too… maybe the key to success is a beard!

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