Off to Northala Fields armed with my camera

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Wow. It’s taken me longer than I anticipated to finally post these up here.

At the beginning of the month I went out on my first little trip outdoors with the main goal being – take some photos. I’ve never gone out with the main purpose of going out to just take photos. It’s usually a bi-product.

Strangely, the bi-product here was mum and Cody tagging along for a morning walk and explore.

At 6:30am on the 1st October I dragged myself out of bed, got in the car and mum drove us to Northala Fields. These mysterious hills popped up in 2007 and since then I’ve been wanting to see what they were all about. The land used to be nothing. Just a load of dumped rumble with a bit of marsh behind.

We walked up the highest hill to catch the sunrise. Despite it being October, the day was scheduled to be about 28 degrees and there was a beautiful clear sky. It was a bit misty and hazy. I was a bit worried that it’d take us too long to walk up and by the time we were there, sunrise would be over! Thankfully, we’re quick walkers. Even with an encounter with a cat that didn’t move and Cody wanting to chase it.

Sunrise was beautiful. We shared it with one other person at the top of the hill. Just watching it rise. I just really wished I had a zoom lens that was quicker to focus and a little bit smarter in low light. My Tamron just didn’t really do too well. Well enough I suppose.

After we saw most of the sunrise, we headed back down the hill and opted to go for an explore. On the way down we passed a photographer on his way up with his bag and professional tripod. I felt like telling him he was too late! He should have got there earlier. It’s all gone now!

The explore was worth it. Behind the hills is a beautifully landscaped area with square ponds, curving paths and a nice bit of green. Hadn’t expected any of that. Gave me the opportunity to snap away a little bit more.

I took a lot of photos. But I’m trying to be a bit more brutal in choosing which ones I keep. There’s something in each of those that I really like and thought was worth keeping.

I’d definitely like to go up there again to try to get some more shots. Maybe a crisp winter morning. With frost everywhere. With clocks going back soon, that’ll mean a less early start! Though dragging myself out of bed, in the dark, in the cold and not having to need to be doing that might prove tricky. I’ll report back!


  1. Those are some truly stunning shots, Jaina. I’m absolutely in love with ‘Rising Mist’. The scene above perfectly reflected in the water, with that hovering cloud of mist. Breathtaking view!

    ‘Burning Up the Morning’ and ‘Morning Silhouttes’ are also real standouts in this collection. I’m in awe. Beautiful shots <3

    Definitely worth the 6.30am rise and shine 😀

    • Thank you 🙂 It was fun to do actually. I’d have liked more time to think a bit more about what I’m shooting, but with the sun rising, time is of the essence! Though, now I know a little bit better of the area, if I go back, I should know where to go.

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