The magical mysteries of The River

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The River

Listen up! There’s a new, completely creepy TV show that I may well get very into. And I’ve only seen the first two episodes. What is it? The River. Ok, ok – the title doesn’t exactly fill you with wonder. But hear me out.

Bruce Greenwood stars as Dr. Emmet Cole, a TV explorer who’s gone missing in the depths of the Amazon rainforest. His family, along with a TV crew, go to the Amazon to find him. Which is where the magic happens!

One of the creators is Oren Peli. He of Paranormal Activity fame. So there’s definitely a bit of a stamp of that all over the show. Heavy use of CCTV style cameras. Plenty of shaky cam. It’s something a little different for TV. And in the first couple of episodes, there have already been a couple of truly creepy moments because of the CCTV cameras.

Granted, the format could get a little bit old and I’m not entirely sure how much more they can get out of the multi-camera view. I mean, for one thing, we as the audience see the weird goings on in the cameras, but no one else seems to be monitoring them! It reminds me a little of 24 with its split screen goodness. Well, at least the first few seasons of 24. Further down the line, I think they forgot about them!

Bruce Greenwood is Bruce Greenwood and he is brilliant. That should be another reason to watch. That’s not to say the rest of the cast don’t compare – there are some solids in there too – Paul Blackthorne and Leslie Hope are a couple of other actors I was excited to see on TV again. Funnily enough, they were both 24 alums. I think I’ve got 24 on the brain…

Back on topic!

The River hasn’t done very well in the ratings race so far. It just didn’t capture any sort of audience with its premiere. Whether that’s due to the marketing, or lack of, or just no interest. So, I’m bracing myself for a short run. But I’ve got some hope that a few more people will give it a go. I guess I’m still looking for my Lost replacement.


  1. Jaina, I watched the first episode and just didn’t get into it. My wife however was a differnt story. That tv my brother got us for our office came in real handy when she wanted to watch it this week. Maybe I will try to give episode 2 a shot since we saved it on Tivo.

    • Ep 2 was much better. I’m not all that enamoured with any of the characters. Yet. But I like the silly little plot and the strange, supernatural situations.

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