Grey’s Anatomy, why do I still care?


Grey's Anatomy

Why in seven Hells am I still watching Grey’s Anatomy? Genuine question here.

There are so many TV shows I have dropped in the last couple of years without batting an eyelid. And Grey’s Anatomy is probably definitely the worst TV show I watch at the moment. It’s emotionally manipulative. Completely over dramatic. The story arcs are all completely done. And I’m pretty sure they’ve all been done before in the previous nine seasons. And I could not give two shits about any of the characters left in the show. (Could those new interns be any more bland and just plain annoying?)

But here I am, week after week, sitting down and watching Grey’s Anatomy almost with a sense of urgency. Well, not quite urgency. More often than not it is watched fairly quickly after it has aired. Even if I’ve got something like Justified or True Detective or The Americans still to catch up on. Grey’s Anatomy will be watched first.

This boils down to one thing. It is easy to watch. There’s no way I can sit down to watch an episode of True Detective while scoffing my dinner and only giving the TV half of my attention. And at the same time, I can’t eat dinner alone, in silence. That is one sad sad dinner.

So excuse me, while I still ‘watch’ Grey’s Anatomy. I can’t be the only one with that show that they know is pointless, but will (probably) never stop watching, right?