Lording it up in Scotland


My Going dark for a week has turned into a little bit longer than that. But I’m back. Back from a somewhat active and food filled holiday in Scotland. Stayed in the stunning Landmark Trust property Castle of Park in the Dumfries and Galloway area – the south-west of Scotland. There could not have been a better building to stay in. For one thing, it’s a freaking castle. And this castle fact was confirmed after some wikipedia’ing on what makes a building a castle.

Shall I just skip on down to the photos? Things are more exciting when told with photos. Though be prepared for some extreme dull weather in these photos. I don’t think I saw the sun once! Wait, I did. On the last day, on the drive home.

Going dark for a week


While things have been a tad quiet here, they may get a lot quieter over the next week. See, I’m off on holiday! To Scotland…

Yes, Scotland. In November. It’s going to be a very cosy holiday. Lots of hearty food, a roaring fire and days out wrapped up in a million layers of clothing. Cosy!

The best bit about the holiday? Where I’ll be staying. A stunning Landmark Trust property called Castle of Park. What a gorgeous building! I can’t wait to see it, and yes, take a ridiculous number of photos of it.

So, I’ll be dark for a week. No doubt I’ll be tweeting though! See you in a week!

My Algarve Insider Tips


A while ago I thought it was a great idea if I did a series of posts on my favourite spots in the Algarve. There were grand plans to do more posts in the series. And yet, I forgot about it. That silly thing called life (and watching too many films and TV shows) got in the way.

Well, I’m back on it now. And this time I wanted to share with you my favourite photographic places in the Algarve. I’m no professional photographer. I’m barely an amateur. But I love taking photos while I’m over there. There are several places I go back to time and again as they always inspire me. So I thought I’d share those places with you.

These are my tips for tourists visiting the Algarve who want to go out there armed with their cameras and capture something beautiful.

And I’m back!


Well, if you noticed I have been a little bit quiet over the past week or so. Reason being? I was on holiday. I did have vague plans to write a typical ‘I’m off on holiday post!’ but I just didn’t get round to it! I don’t think I’ve ever been as disorganised, or perhaps, completely lax, before heading off on holiday. Heck, I hadn’t even packed until about midday on the day of my flight. The cab was picking me up to get to the airport 2 hours after that.


My home away from home. What am I saying? This sometimes feels more like my home!

So how was the holiday? Great. Just what I needed. I left my laptop at home to ensure I’d have a proper no-working whatsoever holiday. Pretty much worked. I couldn’t help but answer some work emails while away.

Happy to be home? Partially


And I’m back. Back in England. Back to the every day. And back to work tomorrow. Boo!

I had a nice relaxing few days with my folks. shied away from watching film after film and instead made the most of the fresh air I could get. Yesterday was a nice last day. Watching some of the Rally de Portugal (photos coming soon!), lunch at my favourite peri-peri chicken restaurant followed by a nice walk along the cliffs.