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Good news everyone – They fit!

A few days ago I wrote about searching for the perfect pair of jeans. I have a hard, hard life.

Well, good news everyone! I found a couple of places that had trousers that didn’t sweep the floor when I tried them on. Okay. They’re not the ‘coolest’ of places and not the names I usually like wearing. But it’s got to the point where I ask myself, “Do they fit and do they suit me?”. That’s not asking for much.

So, if you struggle like me I recommend Monsoon and Next for short lengths of trousers. These two were the only places that had that almost perfect length of trousers for us short girls. I didn’t struggle getting the trousers past my knees. They know that petite does not equal, stick skinny!

I feel like a bit of a middle-aged woman shopping in both of those shops. It’s just not where the ‘kids’ go! But, if they fit, what more could I ask for?

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans

I like to think I’m fairly normal shaped. Fair enough I’m short. I’m only 5ft 2 inches. So, that’s below average, I know that. I’m happy with that. Honest. Well, happy until it’s time to go shopping for clothes. More specifically, jeans.

My favourite pair

Went shopping this week to try to completely update my wardrobe. (I tend not to shop throughout the year, just massive blow out shopping trips a couple of times a year.) I desperately needed to replace quite a few pairs of jeans. The jeans that are so lived in they are falling apart.

Went into shop after shop after shop. Did I find any pair of jeans that fit? Hardly. All too long or couldn’t get them past my knees. Which is always a nice feeling!

I hate going to a petite section in a clothes shop. Yes, I can get jeans that fit. But they fit too perfectly! The length is just a little too short for my liking. I like jeans a little longer. Picky? Probably. But everyone’s got their own taste!

So now I’m still in my jeans I’ve lived in for far too long. I spent a ludicrous amount of money on a pair of trousers, only because they actually fit. Though, they weren’t a pair of jeans.

My only option seems to be is to get custom-made jeans or make my legs longer.

I understand this is a strange little rant. Surely I can’t be alone on this though?

One Year On


It’s been 1 year since we let Axel go. Despite the circumstances of what happened a year ago, I still miss him a lot. There’s never a week that goes by where he’s not mentioned within the family – happy memories mixed with funny stories.

He was only just over five years, but I’d like to hope we gave him a great set of years.

Holi-Holi-Holidaying in Sri Lanka

This week I’m off on holiday to Sri Lanka and I can’t wait. It’s my first holiday to somewhere new since I went to LA and San Diego back in 2009. Whilst I do go to Portugal often, it’s more like going home to me than an actual holiday in a new-found land. Which is exactly what Sri Lanka will be!

I’m going to a couple of different destinations. The first stop will be Kandy (Staying at the Earls Regency Hotel), where I’ll be staying for a couple of nights. After which I’ll be heading down to the coastal town of Beruwela (Staying at the Eden Resort & Spa).

I haven’t got any plans together on what exactly I want to be doing. Think I should make some kind of list. I do know that in the couple of days I’ll be spending in Kandy, I would quite like to see The Temple of the Tooth and the elephant orphanage in Pinnawa.

In Beruwela I’d quite like to do nothing at all but sit by the beach and relax. Though knowing myself I know that won’t be quite enough. I don’t know much about that area. To be honest, I haven’t actually done any research into that area other than BEACH! So I am packing my flippers and snorkel so I can have a float around in the warm Indian Ocean.

I won’t be spending much time in Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo, save for 1 night either side of the trip when we first arrive there and on our way back. Hoping I get to see a little bit of the city because I’m there and why not. Jet lag might stop me from doing much when I first arrive there though.

Very excited, can’t wait to see Sri Lanka and what the country is like!

It’s a humbug day

I was hoping, what with it being summer holiday season, my drive to work would be a little less painful. Despite living only 13 miles from work, some days it can take over an hour. Thank you A40!

My hopes have been ruined! ‘They’ seem to have decided now is a good time to do road works on my usual roads! Until September!! I really do usually like August, when it can take me only 20 minutes to get work. Not this time. Damnit is all I can say.

Oh, and I still have the very attractive cold. It’s not developed into a ‘hack-your-lungs-out’ cough. It is very attractive.