Film Score Pick of the mo: The Amazing Spider-Man 2


Summer film blockbuster season is well and truly upon us. We’ve already had two comic book films thrust upon us. While I enjoyed, but wasn’t too fussed over Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 struck a bit more of an emotional chord, and had a pretty awesome score.

Thanks to Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams, The Magnificent Six and *breathe* Johnny Marr, there’s finally a new film score I’ve fallen for. It has been a while since that has happened. The theme for Electro in particular is what I really enjoyed.

Brilliant combination of sounds and music. Built the atmosphere up perfectly in the cinema.

While I merely enjoyed The Amazing Spider-Man 2, I fell for the soundtrack.

What you know ’bout rockin’ a wolf on your noggin’?


Hey everyone! It’s the new video for Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis and it’s frigging awesome:

Seriously, I’ve not been a fan of rap or hip-hip in donkeys years but ever since I got introduced to Thrift Shop last October I have been listening to The Heist at least once a week. Since then. Why? Amazingly brilliant album.

Also, massive amount of respect for Macklemore. Hard work goes a long way. He’s proven it.

(PS. I know the release of the video isn’t new new. But I saw it this week and just wanted to rave about it a little bit.)

That moment when you’re glad you’re in your car alone


As you may well be fully aware by now, if you’re a reader of my blog, I drive to work. Every day. My mornings are spent listening to the Danny Wallace breakfast show on XFM and my evenings are spent listening some sort of Spotify playlist.

99% of the time it’ll be every single track I’ve starred in Spotify. It the easiest way to guarantee I’m listening to something I like on my, sometimes, painful commute home.

Anywho. Yesterday I’m quite happily listening to starred list. Everything from Flight of the Conchords to Nine Inch Nails via Metric and Foo Fighters (There’s always some Foo Fighters.) It’s not exactly a themed playlist, but I like the randomosity of it all.

So. Happily listening away when I get a real shock of what next song starts up. Jennifer Paige’s Crush. I kid you not. I can’t even remember starring this track, but clearly I did! Funny thing? Not once did I think about skipping the track. If a song ever comes up that I’m just not up for, I will quite happily press skip.

Not this time. I listened along and had a little bit of nostalgia. Back to when the song was first released and everyone cool at school was singing along to it.

So very glad to have been alone in the car when the song started. No embarrassing, “Oh my god, how did that get there?!”. The mad, panicked scramble begins to find the button to skip to the next track while simultaneously trying to avoid that OAP and woman with child.

If you ever find yourself in the car with me and this does star blaring through the speakers, feel free to poke fun at me. I think I’ve opened myself up to it here!

More musically informed. Marginally


Thanks to those who gave me some new music to try out when I pleaded for some help. I’ve been giving some of those offerings test drives while I drive home. Turns out it’s a great time for me to try new things. Why? Sometimes I’m slightly impatient on the way home, so if I really don’t like the sound of something it’ll get skipped more or less straight away.

Out of all of the bands/singers that were recommended to me Bat for Lashes and Ladytron came out way on top. I gave Two Suns by Bat for Lashes a try to Ladytron’s Best of 00-10 and Gravity the Seducer. I could quite happily listen to those albums for ever. Beautiful stuff. Ladytron reminded me a little of Ladyhawke (not just in name), so got me back to listening to her. Having reminders of music you already know and like, but for some reason you forgot existed, are welcome reminders.

Stuck in a musical rut


I need some help. I need some ideas for new music for me to try out. I love the music I listen to at the moment, but I feel like I need to try something new. I’m stuck in a music rut – I’m just listening to the same things over and over again. Which I don’t mind, but something new would be nice.

I went to Share My Playlists to get some musical inspiration but got stopped in my tracks when I saw someone made a playlist out of songs purely consisted of Buffy episode titles. Just a little bit sidetracked, and really couldn’t find anything to inspire me there.

What do I listen to? Erm, a lot of wildly different things! My all time favourite band are the Foo Fighters. Music I can’t not listen to include Garbage, Disturbed, Linkin Park, Queens of the Stone Age, No Doubt, Metric, The Beastie Boys, Muse, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Cee Lo Green, Hurts, Prodigy, The National. I’ve just started listening to The Black Keys, Imelda May, Plan B, Miles Kane and Nero. Also trying out some more Bloc Party, Klaxons, White Lies, Editors.

I do tend to like my music loud, as you could probably guess from that random list. But I’m willing to try anything. So throw something at me! I’ll see if I catch it.