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Toy Stories to Make You Smile

I believe these images are making the rounds on the interwebs. Created by the very talented Aled Lewis as part of his Make something 365 Project.

My personal favourites are:



Chance Encounter

Chance Encounter

Horn Hubris

Horn Hubris

Check them all out on Aled’s flickr.

Things like this make me wish I was still doing a 365 project. It’s giving me some inspiration to try to pick up my camera for a more themed 365.

Magical Manipulations

Saw this utterly enchanting photo and it totally transported me away from my desk. Created by the very talented Russian artist tebe_interesno and you can see more of his beautiful photo manipulations here.

Inspiration: Time Lapse Stars

At around the 30 second mark things gets really magical.

Photo Time Capsule

I only just found Photojojo earlier this year. I can’t remember where I picked the place up from, could have been my google reader, but glad I did.

Why? I signed up for the twice a month photo capsule. So, twice a month I get an email with a few photos from my Flickr that were taken approximately a year ago. It’s a nice reminder as to what I was up to a year ago!

Here’s a link to my most recent time capsule. This one makes me a little depressed only because approximately a year ago I wasn’t here but in Portugal enjoying myself!

Be interesting to see my time capsules that I start receiving from the beginning of next year, as those will cover my 365 of this year, so will be a bit more accurate as to what I was up to. If anything interesting at all. I’m wondering whether I’ll be able to see any improvement in my photos – I hope there will be. I’m trying!

Also there are loads of little things I’m so tempted by in the Photojojo store! Must restrain myself.