There’s so much noise


Emails. Feedly. LinkedIn. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. It’s so loud out there, it’s becoming easier to just mark everything as read, gloss over all that you see, rather than engage and be a productive member of the communities you’re a part of.

Of late, there’s been a pattern emerging with me. Open up Chrome, go to my Feedly, quickly check the categories I have my various places saved as. Gloss over most of them, entirely. Why? Because I still feel like I have to go through Twitter, Google+, emails and then some so I need to make sure I’ve got enough time to do that during the day, as well.

Blogging pet hates – getting them off my chest


Blogging is something I enjoy doing. I know I’m no great writer. English wasn’t my strongest language at school. Putting together an essay in any other subject was always a little bit tricky for me. I blog because I enjoy it.

Sometimes there are just a few things in the blogosphere that just irritate me to no end. And I can’t stand it any longer. I need to get them off my chest before I implode.

It’s the end of the world, as we know it

Meteorite in the skies above Chelyabinsk, Russia.

If I saw this while driving on my way home from work, I’m not sure I’d be driving so steadily.

So this happened earlier in Chelyabinsk, Russia. A freaking meteorite lit up the skies in Russia. Watching the news this morning while eating my breakfast I was fairly sure I was watching a clip from Armageddon. Or Deep Impact.

And tonight a big arse asteroid that could apparently obliterate London, will be hurtling past Earth.

Maybe those Mayans were onto something?

Not feeling the London 2012 spirit


The Olympic torch went through the little place that I live yesterday. Well, a 5 minute drive away, but close enough. I know I should have been excited. I know I should have made an effort to go and see it. But you know what? Yes. That’s what. I made no effort whatsoever. Instead I stayed in and did some work. I’ve got bills to pay! I can’t deal with faffing about some torch.

My never-ending beef with the London 2012 Olympics

Wenlock and Mandeville

Wenlock and Mandeville – what in the hell are these things? And why do they have to have such pretentious names?

With the London 2012 Olympics set to officially kick off tomorrow, there’s still a massive sense of apathy surrounding the event for me. I just couldn’t care. Sounds terrible of me. I know I should be excited. But all excitement for it has been extracted from me by everything from the ludicrous logo, the debacle that is the ticketing process, stupid mascots (Wenlock and Mandeville? Seriously? Who names their mascots those names?), the awful official song by Muse, and the fact that it took me almost double the amount of time to get to work thanks to all the Olympic lane closures on the roads.

I am outta here

Thankfully, I’m off out of the country next week. But, I’m now beginning to wonder whether I should make the effort to, maybe, make it to at least one Olympic event. I mean, when’s the next time this massive sporting event will be in my back garden? (Not literally. Though that would be more convenient for me. It’d probably mean I wouldn’t need to jump through hoops to get tickets.) Surely I’ll regret it if I don’t?

Olympic sized regrets

Maybe when it all kicks off I’ll be in the spirit. Because so far, I have nothing resembling an Olympic spirit or British pride for hosting the games. Obviously by then it’ll be too late to see about tickets. Bet I’ll still keep getting those emails though – “We’ve found more Olympic event tickets!”. Where in the heck from?! The sofa… in HELL?

Let’s see how what happens as the weeks roll by. I’ll either stay in my current state of apathy or be suddenly caught up in Olympic fever. Not to be confused with Chanukkah Fever. Wait, do I look like Greg Kelly when I think about London 2012?