Just call me politically confused


The General Election is fast approaching here in the UK and usually I have a vague idea of which party to vote for. They’ll be something swaying me one way or another, but this time I’m feeling a little bit confused.

American politics seems easy. From this side of the pond anyway. Either you’re a Democrat or a Republican and both parties have their very strong views and stick to them. Here, the three main parties all seem to pander to what the public want and I can’t differentiate between them.

For as long as I can remember my family and I think Indian Asians living in the area have always voted for Labour. I think this goes back to when Indian Asians first migrated to this country – the Labour party was the only one really supporting their needs. It’s been a tradition of sorts. I remember when I got to vote in my first general election my grandmother more or less ordered me to vote Labour!

It might have been wise for me to have watched the debate last night, seeing as I am so confused. But I was in my own little world and completely forgot and was more keen on watching Justified and catching up on Psych.

I’m not a very politically minded person. I don’t keep up with politics other than what’s said in the media, however I really don’t want to waste my vote. So I will attempt to do some homework before I vote to see if I can be a bit clearer on who I want to vote for!