2013 in TV


2013 in TV

2013 will always be the year of the TV show graveyard for me. Is it strange that I’m proud of the amount of TV I dropped in the last year? It felt ridiculously good to let go of so much.

I said farewell to Revenge, True Blood and The New Girl. Started and stopped the UK version of The Bridge – The Tunnel. Gave The Crazy Ones a decent shot, but that got old real quick. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D was just woefully bad and boring and poor. The Blacklist went a little bit too Alias on me a little too quickly.

Falling out with TV


Hi, my name’s Jaina and I am a former TV addict.

Is it because I’m getting old and getting curmudgeonly about TV in general, that I’ve fallen out with it? Or whether over the years of watching all sorts of crap on TV, I’m finally figuring out what I actually enjoy watching. Or if the quality of TV shows currently is just pure crap. OR if after the end of Breaking Bad, no other TV shows will compare.

Whatever it is these days I’d rather come home and watch a decent film in the evening and be done. A couple of hours of watching just one thing. That’s fine by me. It also allows me to fit in some quality brain-not-required TV.

What am I currently watching? (Shows that are currently on air) Let’s see:

The new crop of 2013’s TV


Previously I mentioned in passing my reluctance to get into any new TV series. Strangely, right now, the thought of perhaps something I get sucked into lasting years is enough to put me off watching anything new. Or maybe I’m still mourning Breaking Bad and fear that nothing will ever reach those heights.

Maybe that’s a fear worth having. Because honestly, the new TV pilots I did catch – what utter crap. That’s just my point of view, but it’s a point of view I’m standing by. American network TV has taken a serious nose dive. Right? Let’s take a look see at the ones I took a look at:

RIP Dexter. I wished I cared more


Dexter season 8

It’s well over a week since the final episode of Dearly Devoted Dexter aired. Though, I did my catch up with the final two episodes of Dexter on Wednesday night last week. I don’t know why I remember the specifics of that. It wasn’t as if it was anything mind-blowing. Sadly.

Honestly. Remember when Dexter first started. “Oh my WORD! There’s a TV show where the hero is a serial killer!” It was controversial. It was dark. It was entertaining. And, damn, was it well written. Dexter was one of the most intriguing characters on TV.

And now? Here at the end of all things, what are my feelings about Dexter? Eh. At one point, there was anger and frustration. How could Dexter’s character be brought to such a point. But honestly, I just don’t care any more. How sad is that.

The Returned has my slightly infuriated and quite possibly very disappointed

The Returned

The Returned – I’m still undecided whether I’m totally disappointed with this show or just mildly confused.

Not long ago, I had a mini gush over The Returned. I was enjoying the beautifully made supernatural French drama TV show thing. The show looks beautiful and has a suitably haunting soundtrack from Mogwai. There’s an actual central mystery to the show that’s hugely compelling. The characters are just as compelling as the central mystery with a mixture of characters who you want to punch in the face or hug. The end of every episode had me WTF-ing all over the place. And it was that that made me keep watching. Keep watching in the hope that some of these questions would be answered.

Now, there are spoilers ahead, so only read on if you’re fully prepared for them.