Photo of the Day: Friday 8th January

Night time glow

Not a brilliant shot for today, but it’s Friday and I was tired and finding inspiration when it’s pitch black is hard. So mental note – take more pictures in the daylight!

This shot is a street light across the road from me, taken when it just started snowing again. Only lightly, but … follows on the cold theme we’ve been having here in the UK for the past week or so.

Photo of the Day: Thursday 7th January

Wheelie Bin Pretty!

Inspired by Hilary’s photos of icicles I saw some icicles clinging onto the most glamorous of things in the drive way – the wheelie bins! Seeing as these are the only ones I’ve seen I shot them. They really can make anything pretty, though they do make for a tricky job in opening the wheelie bin which is frozen shut.

Photo of the Day: Tuesday 5th January

Seafood mmmmm!

Tonight’s dinner, seafood pasta, as cooked by me. It’s usually a recipe my brother’s an expert at, but I thought I’d give it a try tonight and apparently it was good! Well I know it tasted good to me.