Stocking up at the Farmers Market

Budaiya Farmers Market

The Budaiya Farmers Market is a winter staple in Bahrain. From December to May, every Friday and Saturday morning the botanical gardens are turned into a farmers market.

People love it. From locals to expats, you’ll find all sorts of folks at the farmers’ market. Some visitors just come from breakfast served from stalls cooking food to order, and spend a relaxing morning with their family and a huge picnic spread.

There’s stall after stall of fresh fruit, vegetables, and plant stalls. Everything cheaper than what you’ll find in the grocery stores, and sourced locally. I usually go with plenty of empty bags and leave with arms full of all sorts of vegetables that Anish will end up using to make something delicious through the week.

I usually go with my camera in hand, ready to take photos of the atmosphere and the people. But I get so caught up with what’s on offer, my camera’s stowed safely away so I’ve got another free hand to carry yet more goodies.

Budaiya Farmers' Market

Budaiya Farmers Market

It can be a little stressful. Parking is a nightmare, especially if you don’t go early enough. Just getting into the botanical gardens themselves can be a problem due to traffic. But despite the stresses, the farmers market in Budaiya still one of my favourite things to do in winter in Bahrain.

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