The first bank holiday weekend in Bahrain where much too much fun was had


As Mel said not too long ago, the only time someone asks how your weekend was is because they want to tell you how their weekend was. Yep, that’s what I’m doing here.

How did y’all spend your bank holiday weekend? It was my first weekend here in Bahrain and, well, I didn’t exactly sit still.

Hello, from Bahrain!


It’s happened. I have now moved to Bahrain! I flew out from London Heathrow, on Etihad, yesterday at 3:30pm and arrived in Bahrain at a little past 2am this morning.

The move went pretty smoothly. Well, aside from some packing woes. You see, I’m not good at moving, having barely had any practice at it. Packing everything I need in a 30kg allowance felt impossible. And it sort of was. After many packings and repackings, it was done. I’m not kidding about the many packings and repackings. The total amount of times my bag was packed is lost to me and upon arriving in Bahrain and coming home, I couldn’t remember what I had actually packed.

The Top Five Things I’m Going to Miss When I Move


It’s now just over a WEEK until I move to a whole other country. Packing has commenced. (Sort of) Nerves are setting in. Cancelled out by relief and excitement. On a daily basis. It has officially sunk in, that I am moving to another country. And I can’t wait. But that’s not to say I’m looking forward to seeing the back of London, England and everything I’ve ever known. I’m going to miss a heck of a lot.

Project 365: 2014 – March

Project 365

Project 365: 2014 - March

March started off fantastically. Nearly two weeks out of the country, on holiday. First, a few days in India for a fantastic wedding. Followed by a few days in Bahrain with the OH. The rest of March really couldn’t compare.

Fairly pleased with my first 3 months of Project 365. Though, definitely skipped more days in March. It couldn’t be helped. Well, no it could. I’m just making excuses.