100 movies: The Social Network

100 movies of 2010

Thanks to Mild Concern I got to see the next movie at a preview screening for free! I can’t remember the last time I went to the cinema for free.

The Social NetworkThe Social Network (10/10/10)
I remember when the movie production first began. A movie based on Facebook? It was unthinkable! What on Earth?! Thankfully it’s not just 2 hours of Facebook profile pages, wall posts and group discussions. It’s about the origin of Facebook and the people who were involved from the beginning. It’s a brilliant film filled with the most witty dialogue you’ll hear in a very long time.

Jesse Eisenberg is fantastic as Mark Zuckerberg – really makes him a very awkward and not at all likeable character. I think out of everyone I was rooting for Andrew Garfield’s Eduardo Saverin. He was just getting the bum deal all the time. He was far too good a friend! I’m now looking forward to Spider-Man a bit more due to Andrew Garfield’s performance in this film. He was brilliant!

Loved the music and the score music done by Trent Reznor. Yes, him of Nine Inch Nails fame! I’m a little surprised by that fact, but I will definitely be buying the score.

What I was amazed about was the ambition and drive of these people. Really very young, talented and incredibly smart people who just went out there to do what they wanted to do. I wish I had that kind of drive! Well, without the whole having no real friends part.
Rating: 5/5

100 movies: One a day (For the weekend at least)

100 movies of 2010

Salt (20/08/10)
I think this film was being marketed as the female Bourne. Erm, not quite. It’s not as slick or well crafted as the Bourne films, far from it. The action’s not as ‘real’ and it’s just not comparable. However, saying that, Salt’s still an incredibly entertaining action flick. Some nice action sequences and a few explosions. The ‘twist’ I could see coming from the beginning of the film, but it didn’t hurt the film that it was that predictable. Angelina Jolie’s an awesome action actress. I reckon she’s the best action movie actress out there at the moment. The pace of the movie’s very good, there wasn’t a single moment where I felt like I could start drifting off and wondering where the film was going. It skips along very well to the end which leaves you feeling pretty satisfied.
Rating: 4/5

Piranha 3D (21/08/10)
I feel as though I need to defend my rating of this film. The fact that I rated it so highly! Piranha 3D never claimed it was going to be the most thoughtful horror movie this year. It blatantly claimed it was going to be cheap, trashy with loads of blood and gore. All those boxes were definitely ticked! It’s one of the most entertaining horror films I’ve seen. Loads more laughs than you’d expect. There were some brilliant and imaginative death sequences. Some made me ‘OH!’ and others made me laugh out loud. The cast are brilliant too – great to see Christopher Lloyd go a bit Doc Brown! Go see it. With a big group of friends! The only thing that did disappoint was the 3D-ness. I was expecting more. There was the odd occassion where something would jump out of the screen, but there wasn’t enough.
Rating: 4/5

Adventureland (22/08/10)
A nice little dramedy. Jesse Eiseberg’s good, Kristen Stewart didn’t completely annoy me. Though her portrayal of either annoyance, anger or being upset by ruffling her hair did start to annoy me slightly. The music was brilliant. Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig made me laugh. A nice little story. Nothing more to really add other than that. A good little film.
Rating: 3/5