120+ movies of 2011: It begins!

120+ Movies of 2011

I’ve decided to do another ‘100 movies of’ for 2011, but as I managed 124 last year, I’m going to aim for the 120+ mark this year. I think there were a lot of reasons last year as to how I managed to hit that target, but I’ll see if I can go higher without a few of those reasons.

The Horse WhispererThe Horse Whisperer (01/01/11)
Another one of those movies I just never saw. I remember it when it was released, but it was barely a blip on my radar back then. Not for cinema anyway. Did make for a good curl-up-on-the-sofa-for-a-lazy-afternoon film though. I get sucked into films about animals and fell for this one. I didn’t care too much for the human characters. The story about the horse, Pilgrim, did get a few tears out of me. Though part of the time, whenever the name Pilgrim was mentioned, my brain went immediately to Scott Pilgrim!

This was a nice harmless movie to while away a few hours. Something inoffensive to watch with the folks.
Rating: 3/5

The Informant!The Informant! (09/01/11)
The Informant! was partly a movie I was expecting and partly not. I was expecting a few more laughs. I wasn’t expecting something based on true events. I was also expecting Matt Damon with a dodgy moustache – least one box was ticked. It was an entertaining film in the sense that as the film went on you as the viewer were as confused as those around Mark Whitacre, as to what was fact or fiction. Even at the end of the film, I wasn’t really sure as to if there were more to Mark’s lies than he had said. There clearly had to be. Matt Damon was pretty well transformed into the tattle-tale that was Mark Whitacre. Seeing Joel McHale in the film was a nice surprise! Though I have to admit to nearly nodding off a couple of times, but then being drawn back to the land of the waking by the score.

Overall a decent movie, though not as engaging as I’d hoped it to be.
Rating: 3/5

100 movies: 4 movies sandwiched by 2 thrillers

100 movies of 2010

In a very short stretch of time I watched more movies than I have done. Well, since I was ill. Here they are:

Green Zone (11/03/10)
Motivation to watch this movie? Matt Damon + Paul Greengrass. Yeah, I love the Bourne movies. A lot. Even though I was late on the badnwagon, though it was Greengrass’ Ultimatum which ultimately led me to watch Identity. Back to this movie – loved it. A lot of reviews are saying it’s Bourne gone epic, which I almost agree with. Other than the fact that lead character, Roy Miller, played by Matt Damon, is only like Jason Bourne in that he takes action. Oh and the hand held camera feel of the movie. It’s a great political thriller with enough action in it to keep the action fiends happy. Matt Damon was brilliant. I was surprised to see Jason Isaacs in the movie – I didn’t know he was in it and his handlebar ‘tache disguised him pretty damn well!

John Powell’s score was awesome. He’s becoming a bit of a favourite with me now. It was all wrapped up a little too well by the end of the movie, but I’m not too fussed. Everything that went on before the ending was brilliant and the last action scene was just amazing. Loved it.
Rating: 4/5

Whip It (12/03/10)
Brilliant movie. Funny and well acted and very, very good. After it I felt the need to go and either see a Roller Derby or join up somewhere. I want to go rollerskating! Cast were brilliant and the story, while simple, well told. Just a shame it’s taken so long coming out here – the soundtrack sounded a little out of date!
Rating: 4/5

Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus (12/03/10)
The less I say about this movie the better. Awful. The best bit was over in the beginning of the movie so I had nothing more to look forward to. So so bad. Not even bad good!
Rating: 0/5

Shutter Island (13/03/10)
I was really looking forward to this film. REALLY looking forward to it. The first trailer just looked awesome. A mixture of thriller and scary film, with enough mystery and jumps to keep me entertained with a great leading man. For the most part it did tick those boxes, but I was left feeling a tad disappointed by the end of the movie. It wasn’t an overly long movie, but it felt long. There was a lot of attempts to fool the viewer of what was really going on and for the most part they worked. I picked up a few things and put the clues together. The ‘twist’ disappointed me – had the twist been better I might have been more satisfied. It did look great, Leo was fantastic and it did keep me mostly entertained.
Rating: 3/5

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