Yes, I still like going shopping with my mum


Last Friday I took a lovely, leisurely day off work and took my credit card and my mum out shopping. Yes. My mum. I’m 27 years old (jeez!) and I really do like going shopping with my mum, and felt this time I needed to go shopping with her as well.

Why? I’m stuck in various ruts at the moment. Clothing being one of them. I tend to go shopping on my own. As such, I come back with bags full of stuff. But said stuff usually all looks the same. Stuff that I feel safe buying and wearing. I don’t have anyone to ask about any of the clothes I just think about trying on, let alone buying.

My mum’s a little bit brilliant that way. She’ll grab some things which I wouldn’t have even looked at and get me to try it on. And also will tell me straight if anything looks hideous when I do try things on.

It’s highly likely I just need someone else to go shopping with. But I trust my mum. Also, it’s highly probable that if anyone but my mum told me to try on something which I thought wasn’t my thing I’d give them a blank faced NO.

So, thanks mum! I’ve got some nice, new, different clothes. I’ve done a wardrobe purge and got rid of random items I just never wear. I should be set for the year now! Maybe. Hopefully.

(Side note: Finally found a pair of slim fitting/skinny jeans which actually fit and don’t make me feel like a blob! That was the biggest win of the day. H&M was where it was at. In fact, all my new jeans were from there. They do lengths! Different lengths!)

A return to furniture shopping woes


I hit the furniture shops again on the weekend. To get another opinion on sofas. This time from the parental units. Went to the exact same places as before and I think I came away with an even worse experience from DFS than before.

My mum just asked about the price of a sofa set and immediately the sales person came back with how DFS have 10 year guarantees on their sofas and 0% interest over 4 years and they don’t mark down their prices like other places, they can’t negotiate on prices and they have the best prices regardless of anywhere else. He also seemed completely uninterested when I said I wasn’t interested in buying anything on the day. Surely if a person is showing some interest in an item, a sales person should be more willing?

Sadly, I really liked a sofa set in DFS but I’m really put off from buying from there because of the sales people! I did see another sofa set I think I liked in Furniture Village and the sales people there seem to be less pushy and have a better sales tactic.

I mean really – who needs or cares about a 10 year guarantee on a sofa?!

It should be noted, sofa shopping is not fun


I have been looking for a new sofa set, on and off, for about 4 months now. And yet, I haven’t seen anything I remotely like. I’ve been to see sofas everywhere, from Furniture Village to John Lewis to Dwell and everywhere in between.

I’m either being incredibly picky or there is nothing out there. I’m going for the former. I felt like Goldilocks – this one’s too soft, this one’s too small. Sigh.

The current sofa set I have in my house are probably over 10 years old. They’re cream coloured and made of leather. So, they haven’t aged well. Also, in the one place on the sofa I sit most of the time, I tend to sink into the seat a little bit too much.

I did see something with possible potential on the weekend. But my thoughts were rudely interrupted by a pushy salesman telling me that the sofa might not be there again tomorrow or later and I better buy it now – with 0% credit!

I love having my own place but I’m finding I’m getting very particular about what I put in it.

Good news everyone – They fit!


A few days ago I wrote about searching for the perfect pair of jeans. I have a hard, hard life.

Well, good news everyone! I found a couple of places that had trousers that didn’t sweep the floor when I tried them on. Okay. They’re not the ‘coolest’ of places and not the names I usually like wearing. But it’s got to the point where I ask myself, “Do they fit and do they suit me?”. That’s not asking for much.

So, if you struggle like me I recommend Monsoon and Next for short lengths of trousers. These two were the only places that had that almost perfect length of trousers for us short girls. I didn’t struggle getting the trousers past my knees. They know that petite does not equal, stick skinny!

I feel like a bit of a middle-aged woman shopping in both of those shops. It’s just not where the ‘kids’ go! But, if they fit, what more could I ask for?

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans


I like to think I’m fairly normal shaped. Fair enough I’m short. I’m only 5ft 2 inches. So, that’s below average, I know that. I’m happy with that. Honest. Well, happy until it’s time to go shopping for clothes. More specifically, jeans.

My favourite pair

Went shopping this week to try to completely update my wardrobe. (I tend not to shop throughout the year, just massive blow out shopping trips a couple of times a year.) I desperately needed to replace quite a few pairs of jeans. The jeans that are so lived in they are falling apart.

Went into shop after shop after shop. Did I find any pair of jeans that fit? Hardly. All too long or couldn’t get them past my knees. Which is always a nice feeling!

I hate going to a petite section in a clothes shop. Yes, I can get jeans that fit. But they fit too perfectly! The length is just a little too short for my liking. I like jeans a little longer. Picky? Probably. But everyone’s got their own taste!

So now I’m still in my jeans I’ve lived in for far too long. I spent a ludicrous amount of money on a pair of trousers, only because they actually fit. Though, they weren’t a pair of jeans.

My only option seems to be is to get custom-made jeans or make my legs longer.

I understand this is a strange little rant. Surely I can’t be alone on this though?