That moment when you’re glad you’re in your car alone

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As you may well be fully aware by now, if you’re a reader of my blog, I drive to work. Every day. My mornings are spent listening to the Danny Wallace breakfast show on XFM and my evenings are spent listening some sort of Spotify playlist.

99% of the time it’ll be every single track I’ve starred in Spotify. It the easiest way to guarantee I’m listening to something I like on my, sometimes, painful commute home.

Anywho. Yesterday I’m quite happily listening to starred list. Everything from Flight of the Conchords to Nine Inch Nails via Metric and Foo Fighters (There’s always some Foo Fighters.) It’s not exactly a themed playlist, but I like the randomosity of it all.

So. Happily listening away when I get a real shock of what next song starts up. Jennifer Paige’s Crush. I kid you not. I can’t even remember starring this track, but clearly I did! Funny thing? Not once did I think about skipping the track. If a song ever comes up that I’m just not up for, I will quite happily press skip.

Not this time. I listened along and had a little bit of nostalgia. Back to when the song was first released and everyone cool at school was singing along to it.

So very glad to have been alone in the car when the song started. No embarrassing, “Oh my god, how did that get there?!”. The mad, panicked scramble begins to find the button to skip to the next track while simultaneously trying to avoid that OAP and woman with child.

If you ever find yourself in the car with me and this does star blaring through the speakers, feel free to poke fun at me. I think I’ve opened myself up to it here!


  1. Lol! I actually like that song, one of the few pop songs from the late 90s/early 00s that I don’t want to shoot with an arrow. Paige, though, is a dumb ass.

    • The 90s was good for those. I can’t say the same thing about pop songs these days!

      Yeah, I heard Paige… well, she’s just. as you say, a dumb ass.

  2. Haha, well we all have guilty pleasures. I actually made a brief “guilty pleasures” playlist on Spotify recently. It’s got stuff like Justin Timberlake, Hall and Oates, Donna Summer — music that others may raise their eyebrow to if they know my usual listening habits.

    • Hall and Oates! One of my biggest guilty pleasures! You’ll have to share that list with me 😉

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