Black and white photograph of an open courtyard looking up inside the Alcazar of Seville.

Symmetrical in Seville

This is the stunning Royal Alcázar of Seville. Just one very small part of it. The Moorish architecture was so beautiful, I may have spent the entire time I visited, just looking up. With it being winter day, it was an overcast day. No blue […]

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Black and white photograph of a rural country road surrounded by trees.

Into the woods we go

In this week of black and white themed photos, I’ve bounced around a little bit from lots of texture, not so much texture, big natural landscape. And now I’m sharing an image that is in contrast to… well high contrast black and whites—low contrast black […]

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Black and white photograph of Alcatraz from a boat.

Alcatraz, just visiting

It was such a lovely, bright sunny day when I visited Alcatraz. It betrayed how I felt visiting this a place with a dark history. History that I was very much clueless about. I took this photo as the boat was pulling away from the […]

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Black and white photograph of the top of a rocky outcrop of a mountain.

That high-top

Landscape in black and white? Sure, why not. Going back to something I mentioned earlier this week—I dig highly textured black and white imagery. And in this image that’s contrasted with the smoothness and significant less contrast-y sky. Why did I choose a black and […]

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Black and white photograph of the close up of tree blossom.

Monochrome beauty

This was planned. Planned in that I stepped out of the backdoor and flipped my camera to black and white with the intention of shooting in black and white. And I think that’s why it works so well. Shooting in black and white, you can […]

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Black and white photo of a person crossing a set of crossroads lined with palm trees on the right.

At the crossroads

Last week, I accidentally fell into a theme with the images I posted. Maybe it wasn’t an accident—maybe it was my subconcious’ way of selecting images I wanted to share. Taking a bit more control this week, and selecting a theme. Starting off easy, with […]

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Photograph of two women looking at some street art of chairs mounted on a wall.

An accidental theme

Looking back of this past week’s posts, towards the end of the week, it looks like I stumbled on an accidental theme—images of the backs or sides of strangers. Leaning into that for today’s post. Captured in December 2017 in Bahrain. Taken at what was […]

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Photo of the back of a young person in a blue top surrounded by cacti with a mountain in the background.

Colours of winter

Summer is here. I’m staring down the barrel of a weekend of temperatures of 117F. This image is a nice reminder of winter and temperatures to look forward to. Taken at the Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens just before sunset. That pre-sunset light just looks different […]

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Photo of an alley in a market in Bahrain with a silhoutted woman.

Alleys to get lost down

Another one from Manama souq in Bahrain. Probably one of the last photos I took of the souq before moving to the US. And probably one of my most visited parts of souq. For those last couple of weeks in Bahrain at least. You see, […]

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