Garden in bloom

This begins with a story for another day, in which the home we bought in October 2020 and began renovating in April 2021 went through a transformation I was not expecting. But I couldn’t be happier about. You’ll see the prequel to this story soon. […]

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The Last Week: Three

This issue of The Last Week is more like a look at the last few weeks. February, while being one day longer, still flew by. And admittedly, I picked up my camera less. Work and life kept me busy. Many a weekend in February was […]

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Still Lifes from Mexico

December 2022. I left the day after Christmas for a 10-day trip with family to Mexico: Guadalajara for a few days followed by a few days in Oaxaca. I could talk at length about everything we saw, did, ate, and experienced—as well as share all […]

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The Last Week: Two

The last week I found myself looking for moments more often than I usually have. I felt motivated to find moments. With less pressure to have to take a photo a day, I’m actually taking more photos. And I know that not every single one […]

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A photo of the shadows of a tree's leaves on an orange wall.

Neighbourhood Walks

Inspired by Wesley Verhoeve, in November 2022 I began my own neighbourhood walks. Primarily to get to know the new neighbourhood we had just moved to. But also—as Wesley put it—to practice seeing. With my camera in tow, I started to capture my new home. […]

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The Last Week: One

Every week, I’ll share a snapshot into my last week through imagery. While I’ve tried (and completed) 365 projects and weekly photography challenges in the past, I’d like to start documenting my life as a way to explore my photography style and develop as a […]

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Photo of a desert landscape and plants.

The greenest desert

The one thing that has never failed to stand out about living in Arizona is just how green the desert is. The Sonoran desert is known for being the hottest, but also the greenest desert in the world. I think that’s one of those things […]

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A photo of a church spire at sunset with purple clouds in the background

Summer, monsoon sunset

The colours brought me there and the sparks in the distant clouds kept me on the top deck of the parking garage. Monsoon season is a beautiful time of year in Arizona. And it rains. Like—really rains. The temperature drops and we’ve got a bit […]

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A quick look back at 2021

Sharing a few of my personal favourite images of the past year. The places and moments that have meant the most to me. Looking back, it was a more eventful year than I remembered with some really wonderful highlights that I’m glad I have photographic […]

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