A photo of the shadows of a tree's leaves on an orange wall.

Neighbourhood Walks

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Neighbourhood Walks

Inspired by Wesley Verhoeve, in November 2022 I began my own neighbourhood walks. Primarily to get to know the new neighbourhood we had just moved to. But also—as Wesley put it—to practice seeing. With my camera in tow, I started to capture my new home.

It’s still something I try to do as often as a I can, now. Less often when summer hits.

The challenge for me now is I’m seeing the same things in the relatively small patch that I walk in. Taking different routes or zig-zagging my way around familiar paths helps shake up what I see. But, the challenge is finding something new in the well-trodden.

I’m most drawn to the colours and shadows sunset brings, contrast of manmade textures to flora, and the houses. Oh, and palm trees—all of the palm trees.

While I try to avoid midday walks, they’re often the only time I have in a given day to go for a walk. Those are the days I’ll come back home with less successful images. But, those are the days I’m spending just practicing with the extension of my vision—my camera.

Do you practice seeing? What do you do?


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