Garden in bloom

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At Home

This begins with a story for another day, in which the home we bought in October 2020 and began renovating in April 2021 went through a transformation I was not expecting. But I couldn’t be happier about.

You’ll see the prequel to this story soon. But in short: the garden of our home was fine. The front garden housed a suspect mound that looked like it had a dead body buried underneath it. And we had plans for the back garden post-reno, but our vision was limited.

So it was a bit of happenstance when our paths crossed with someone who did have a vision and created a stunning landscape that takes my breath away every time I step outside.

The one phrase we shared was that we loved Phoenix’s Desert Botanical Gardens and we want that but on a smaller scale. I remember laughing as we said this and thinking. Botanical gardens—in our little home. Sure.

The other thing: low maintenance but not boring. Something that was right at home in a city in the Sonoran desert. Belonging in this desert means withstanding 100+ degree summers while getting rain dumped on it, in the monsoon season.

And this is the result. Caciti and succulents. Native to the Sonoran desert, as well as deserts along the same latitude. All of which are blooming this spring season with every colour that you’d never think to see in a desert. I have to pinch myself to remind me that this is where I live.

It’s only been about 6 months. The trees and plants have spent the autumn and winter establishing themselves in their new home. If the blooms are anything to go by, they’ve established themselves well.

The next 6 months, one year, and beyond are going to be exciting. To see how this landscape evolves and develops. Beds in even more to see even more blooming next year.

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