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Garden in bloom

This begins with a story for another day, in which the home we bought in October 2020 and began renovating in April 2021 went through a transformation I was not expecting. But I couldn’t be happier about. You’ll see the prequel to this story soon. […]

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Photograph of an interior of a living room with an open patio door in the background letting a shaft of light in.

Feeling a little dramatic

There’s a short timeframe where natural light is actually able to enter my home. More specifically, the living room. And in that short time frame, there are some wicked shadows thrown in the room. And I love it. The only downside? The lack of natural […]

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Black and white photos of dappled light across two indoor doors.

My favourite light

Ending out the week of black and white with a favourite of mine. And unlike all of the others—a phone photo. I don’t get a tonne of natural light in my apartment. But first thing in the morning, the light reflects off of our neighbours […]

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Black and white photograph of the close up of tree blossom.

Monochrome beauty

This was planned. Planned in that I stepped out of the backdoor and flipped my camera to black and white with the intention of shooting in black and white. And I think that’s why it works so well. Shooting in black and white, you can […]

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