Hello there! My name’s Jaina and Time Well Spent is a little Internet home for my photography. I’m no pro—but an enthusiast, amateur, and straight-up photography lover. Here you’ll find some images, stories, and snapshots of moments in time. (Psst, you can buy prints of my photos right here.)

Me? I’m an Senior Manager of Email Marketing at Litmus, currently living in the US. I say currently living, because I’m originally from the UK. I lived there until May 2014 and then I moved to Bahrain. For five years. And then in April 2019 I moved to the US. I think I’m done moving. For now.

What else? I’m a film fan (find me on Letterboxd), enjoy getting nerdy with some cross-stitch, and playing sous-chef to my husband in the kitchen. (When it comes to baking though, that’s my domain.)