Hi! My name’s Jaina. Born and bred in the UK. I’ve lived/been schooled/worked around London for my whole life. Up until May 2014 when I moved a few thousand miles away to Bahrain. If you’d have asked me a few years ago, would I ever consider moving out of the UK to Bahrain, my answer probably would have been, “Where’s Bahrain?”.

What am I doing?

I currently work Litmus as an Email Marketing Specialist. Want to see what I do? Check out my portfolio or visit my other blogs – Just Another Email Blog and Brutally Honest Bahrain.

What do I like to do?

Exploring Bahrain, looking for some place I’ve yet to see. Discovering food I’ve never tasted before. Taking photos of the world I see around me. Playing boards games with those closest to me. And walking the line between joy and frustration, playing video games.

About the blog

I started Time-WellSpent.com in January 2010 mainly as a dumping ground for my first 365 photo project and film challenge I was doing that year. Scattered in amongst film and photo posts were the odd bit of gumpf from me. But not much.

Somewhere between late 2010 and mid 2011 I decided I wanted to make more of a go of the blogging thing I was attempting. So started posting more frequently. Things that were on my mind, photos, design related things. Anything I could think of.

TWS has now transformed from a personal blog into a photoblog. A place that’s my own where I can share old and new photos, from the day-to-day snapshots of life, to far flung travels.