My mum’s bean salad has a new fan


Mums bean salad

I enjoy cooking. Sometimes. I wouldn’t call myself one of the most accomplished cooks ever, but I do know my way around a spice cupboard well to put together some of what my mum taught me. I can put flavours together pretty well. I can cook a meal for a group of friends or family without stressing too much.

Will quite happily admit I am not on the same level as cooking as the OH. He is a GREAT cook. Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Vegetables, pulses, lentils, meats. Such a good cook.

So it’s a little bit daunting when I cook for him. On the rare occasions that I do. He just enjoys it so much and he’s so good at it, I let him have at it! (I’m not going to deprive myself of the food he makes.)

BUT there’s one thing that I make that is apparently the best thing I have ever made. And that makes me a little bit proud. This is something I’ve been making for years. Not one of my own recipes, but a mum-inspired one. (They’re the best, right?)

Try cooking something new, he said


Doing the usual grocery shopping last week, the OH told me to buy some vegetable I’ve never cooked before. Now the thing is, Tesco’s never got a massive variety of vegetables. Combine that with the fact that I’ve cooked with a fair few different things, my hopes on finding something new (That wasn’t a turnip, because what am I going to do with that) weren’t high.

Well, I found something. Vaguely new. Well, properly new. Cavalo nero! Definitely haven’t cooked that before.

The question of what to make with cavalo nero came up and wasn’t answered until Sunday. Another suggestion from the OH – minestrone soup. I hold my hands up – it’s not something I really wanted to make. My experience of minestrone soup is a weird mix of pasta, tomato-y soup something and random vegetables. Not good. But I was convinced it came be something awesome.

And it was…

Feeling a little zesty


Lemon Lime Muffins

There’s been a big deal in the news over here about the amount of food that goes to waste. I’m guilty of it. Though, I like to think I’m pretty good at not wasting everything. I’ve been known to drink milk that’s past it’s best before date. If it smells fine and tastes fine, it’s all good to me. I’ve even eaten mayonnaise that was a YEAR past it’s use by date. A YEAR. And I’m still standing. And no, it didn’t look off or mouldy or taste funny.

There were a couple of lemons and limes sitting in my fruit bowl being all neglected and well on the way to drying out completely. Me – in the mood for baking something but without any specific ingredients barring sugar, eggs and flour.

How about some lemon lime muffins? It’d be boring to do just plain lemon muffins. Plus, I’ve done those before. I wanted to see if adding lime to the mix would change things up a bit.



The Great British Bake Off has been back and it’s worked its way into my head. Telling me I need to bake. I just wish I could bake all the amazing goodies I see on the show.

Maybe one day. I’ll build myself up to it. But today, for today, I’ll settle on some pretty good banana bread muffins with a inner peanut butter goodness, and a little bit of icing on top.

Banana bread muffins