Film Review: Gone Girl

Gone Girl

David Fincher’s Gone Girl was probably one of my most anticipated films of 2014. Even though I wasn’t a fan of the book. Sadly, I wasn’t able to see Gone Girl in 2014 for fear of seeing some mutated censored version of the film. After seeing the film I’m pretty happy about my decision of avoiding seeing it in the cinemas here in Bahrain, because yes, it most definitely would have been censored!

If it’s at all possible, Gone Girl the film is a more bleak look relationships than the original source material. Well, the central relationship between Nick and Amy at least. Amy was more twisted. More single-minded than she was in the book. I put that down to a brilliant performance from Rosamund Pike. Cold, calculating and with one psychotic goal in mind. To be completely honest I wasn’t expecting much from her. This is all down to my only other memory of her in a film is Die Another Day, which is terrible all over. Continue reading Film Review: Gone Girl

Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?

The Interview

There is absolutely no need for me to go into any of the details into the media frenzy that was going due to the film, The Interview. You’re all educated and well read enough to have heard about the hoo-haa surrounding that film.

Whether you believe it to be orchestrated or not, The Interview is out. People have seen it in their droves both legally and illegally. And guess what? It is an utterly terrible film. On every level. Continue reading Film Review: The Interview aka Why did I watch that?

Locke-d in for this car ride


“It’s not even a film”, he proclaims. “Nothing happens!”, he exclaims. Those are the words I heard when I fell out of my slumber after originally falling into it midway through Locke. Feeling guilty that I made him sit through the film while I nodded off half way through (Out of sheer tiredness and being far too comfy on the sofa.) I promised that I will sit myself through the film when I’m more awake.

And I’ve kept my promise. Though in all fairness, even though I did drop off part way through watching Locke, I had a feeling when I did get around to watching it in its entirety, I would actually enjoy it and like it very much. Continue reading Locke-d in for this car ride

10 for 30: Ghostbusters


Sitting there, watching Ghostbusters for the umpteenth time, I had to remind myself that this film was 30 years old. Sure the CG is a dated and in parts frankly, looks terrible But who cares, when you’ve got the likes of Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Rick Moranis on your screen? Continue reading 10 for 30: Ghostbusters

Chef: Feel Good Personified


Sometimes you come across a film that is quite simple just what it is on the surface of it, and that’s perfectly okay. In fact, it’s all the better for it. Chef is one of those films.

Chef tells the story of Carl Casper. Struggling with his family life. Not doing all that well in the work place either. Then makes a fool of himself on social media. Decides to get into the food truck business and drive it across America. Continue reading Chef: Feel Good Personified