America in Photos


Struggling to really figure out how to start this post on my holiday to America. It’s been a couple of weeks since returning from the States and feels like memories of the holiday are already starting to get a little bit blurry.

I had an amazing, if a little exhausting, time. Not one moment was spared. We, perhaps, had a couple of hours one afternoon where we truly were doing nothing. But other than that, every single day in the full two weeks were spent doing something or another. (If we were in Portland, that “doing something” was one of two things – eating or drinking.)

So rather than some long-winded tale, how about some sort of photo story? I’ve posted a few photos of the trip on my Instagram, but here there are a few more than I’ll be posting here. (Warning, there are a LOT of images behind this cut – so the page may take a little while to load.)

Belgium, Beer and Food: Part 2


Belgium, Beer & Food

(Read Part 1 here)

The next day we planned to get up early and head to Bruges, followed by Ghent. Ambitious? Yes!

Getting the train to Bruges and then to Ghent was incredibly simple. In Belgium they have these fantastic bulk buy tickets, which are eligible for multiple journeys. In our group of 7 we just needed a couple of them and we were sorted. Also, massive kudos to the guys working in the ticket office in Gare Centrale in Brussels. Not only do they speak pretty amazing English, but overheard the line next to me and the ticket officer was speaking fluent Spanish! Imagine that in London? Yeah, didn’t think so!

Belgium, Beer and Food: Part 1


Belgium, Beer & Food

I do believe I took Europe for granted when I actually lived in the UK. Just the proximity of so many wonderful cities to go and visit. And the fact that it is somewhat cheaper getting to a European city from London than it is Bahrain.

A couple of weeks back we headed off to Belgium for a family holiday. Yes, Belgium. Specifically, Brussels. The aim of the holiday? Eat and drink and maybe do some sightseeing. I think we accomplished that mission.

TOW Jaina goes to Bahrain. Again



If you asked me this time last year whether Bahrain would have been a holiday destination of mine. Twice. Before 2013 was out, there would have been one heck of a confused look on my face. And yet here I am. It’s the beginning of 2014 and I managed to squeeze in two trips to the little Middle Eastern island that is Bahrain between September and the end of the year. And they were both fantastic trips.

Hello (and see you soon) Bahrain!


Hello (and See you soon) Bahrain

And I’m back. Well, I’ve been back in the country of tea and biscuits for nearly a week, but getting thrust back into work and having a slew of TV shows to catch-up are just the perfect excuses I’m using for not having blogged until now. Why I didn’t blog while I was in Bahrain? Well, I have no excuses for that.

I had an excellent time over there. Though, and there seems to be a running theme with this post already, I sadly didn’t take that many photos. At all. Excuses? None. Apologies? LOTS! Eh.. a few.

Bahrain was not at all what I was expecting. Though, to be honest, I hadn’t really formed a picture of what to expect from the tiny place. An island that would fit comfortably within the M25 surrounding London. It’s hot. That’s for sure. The heat hit me as soon as the doors opened at the airport. I had walked into an oven. And it was only 10am. Adjusting to the heat took some getting used to. But hopping from an air-conditioned car to air-conditioned buildings soothed that pain fairly easily.