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We choose the stories to tell

We choose the stories to tell

No one on the Internet is living the life you think they are.

The opening line to last week’s edition of The Sunday Dispatches from Paul Jarvis. It touched a nerve. More accurately, it shook something loose in me.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, whatever your poison, they are all great. Great for you, for whatever you use them for. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family, friends, long-lost twice removed cousins, we’ve got a plethora of apps to be able to communicate with pretty much anyone.

But here’s the thing with me. I am insanely guilty of constantly comparing. Comparing what other people are doing to what I’m doing. Where they’re going. Who they’re seeing. Social media has made it that much easier to be able to see and hear that information. And I’ve let it bring me down. Continue Reading

There’s so much noise

Emails. Feedly. LinkedIn. Twitter. Pinterest. Google+. It’s so loud out there, it’s becoming easier to just mark everything as read, gloss over all that you see, rather than engage and be a productive member of the communities you’re a part of.

Of late, there’s been a pattern emerging with me. Open up Chrome, go to my Feedly, quickly check the categories I have my various places saved as. Gloss over most of them, entirely. Why? Because I still feel like I have to go through Twitter, Google+, emails and then some so I need to make sure I’ve got enough time to do that during the day, as well. Continue Reading

While you’re being creative, nothing is wrong

Do yourself a favour and set just over half an hour aside to watch and listen to John Cleese lecturing on creativity.

This link popped up in my inbox and I casually popped it on the TV, thinking I’ll listen to him in the background while I work on my computer. Within a minute, I’d closed my laptop and devoted all my attention to this video. Continue Reading

Blogging pet hates – getting them off my chest

Blogging is something I enjoy doing. I know I’m no great writer. English wasn’t my strongest language at school. Putting together an essay in any other subject was always a little bit tricky for me. I blog because I enjoy it.

Sometimes there are just a few things in the blogosphere that just irritate me to no end. And I can’t stand it any longer. I need to get them off my chest before I implode. Continue Reading

It’s the end of the world, as we know it

Meteorite in the skies above Chelyabinsk, Russia.

If I saw this while driving on my way home from work, I’m not sure I’d be driving so steadily.

So this happened earlier in Chelyabinsk, Russia. A freaking meteorite lit up the skies in Russia. Watching the news this morning while eating my breakfast I was fairly sure I was watching a clip from Armageddon. Or Deep Impact.

And tonight a big arse asteroid that could apparently obliterate London, will be hurtling past Earth.

Maybe those Mayans were onto something?