My Algarve Insider Tips


A while ago I thought it was a great idea if I did a series of posts on my favourite spots in the Algarve. There were grand plans to do more posts in the series. And yet, I forgot about it. That silly thing called life (and watching too many films and TV shows) got in the way.

Well, I’m back on it now. And this time I wanted to share with you my favourite photographic places in the Algarve. I’m no professional photographer. I’m barely an amateur. But I love taking photos while I’m over there. There are several places I go back to time and again as they always inspire me. So I thought I’d share those places with you.

These are my tips for tourists visiting the Algarve who want to go out there armed with their cameras and capture something beautiful.

My totally unofficial guide to Portugal (Part 1): Algarve Beaches


I’m still on the ‘how-to-blog’ learning curve. I’m reading that on a personal blog I should blog about things close to my heart, while not being too overly personal. However, still be somewhat informative. I thought those things weren’t all that mix-y, but I did think of something that covered all the bases. I hope!

I was going to post one entry on this topic, but I’ve got more to say about it than I thought, so have decided to split it into separate entries and build it up in parts. Well, that way if I ever want to add to it, I can! Enough blathering, let’s go on with it.