100 movies – A long overdue update

100 movies of 2010

It’s been a long time since this blog has been updated let alone anymore movies being added. Never mind, playing catch up now!

Underdog May
Just a poor kids movie that I got suckered into watching due to boredom, a heat wave and a cute pup.
Rating: 1/5

Dan in Real Life May
I’m not a fan of Steve Carell. I appreciate that the majority of people find him hilarious, but not me. It’s probably why this film’s been sitting on my Sky box for so long. It’s not Steve Carell as I know him, and for that I was grateful. Very sweet film with some funny moments.
Rating: 3/5

In the Loop May
I wish I could swear like one of the characters out of this film. I didn’t know what was going on for most of the first half of the film, but the swearing was fantastic. I got into it towards the end, and it got a few laughs out of me.
Rating: 3/5

State of Play 19/06/10
Brilliant thriller. Never saw the original BBC drama this was based on but eh. Doesn’t really matter. The film was awesome.
Rating: 4/5

Pride and Glory 19/06/10
This is the kind of film where I think everyone in it is really good but the plot just didn’t grab me. Typical dirty cops kind of film.
Rating: 2/5

The Losers 20/06/10
Fun film to watch on a Sunday afternoon. Very little brain activity needed. Brilliant bits of action – don’t need anything more!
Rating: 3/5

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