Guys, I’m bringing the party to you


Right, so I thought before I was excited about The Avengers. The excitement I felt when I saw that trailer is nothing compared to the giddiness I’m feeling now upon seeing the brand new trailer!

War really has started. I’m still wondering as to how Thor’s got back to Earth and how they really are going to play together. Regardless, I simply, can not wait. This is almost up there with The Dark Knight Rises. Almost.

Roll on April 27th!

The Avengers? Erm, yes please!


If you asked me this time last year as to whether I was excited about The Avengers, my answer would have been a definitive shrug.

One year on and this…

… has somewhat changed my shrug into an all over geekgasm. I think it helped that last year’s Thor was pretty damn amazing. Fair enough, Captain America was a bit of a whimper – but look at this!

Fine, it still could possibly crumble beneath all the heavyweight actors and explosions. But I’m now at a point where I can happily ignore that and just look forward to the film.