January Recap

The January Recap


Like my 365 project rundown for January showed, it’s been a quiet month. And I have really, really enjoyed it.

The great thing about having a nice, quiet and somewhat frugal month is getting to stay in and just consume film after film after film. Oh and a smattering of TV too.

January was a great month for films. Saw 11 films in January alone! Doing a lot of work to catch up on all the films I’ve missed from last year. And perhaps the year before that too. Check them out:

It’s happening. The big 3-0. Not for a while though


2014 holds one big event for me. And, well, countless other people born in 1984.

This year I’ll be turning 30.

It’s just a number, right? It’s how I’m approaching the whole turning a year older situation.

As well as being vaguely boring about turning 30, I thought it would be a good opportunity for some vaguely linked set of blog posts.

So this year I’m going to take a look at some other films that are also turning 30 this year.