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Tag: Films

Recognising your own accomplishments


In 2016 I watched 118 films. Ninety-seven totally new to me films and twenty-one films I’ve seen at least once before. Looking at these numbers, I personally didn’t see this as an accomplishment. But mentioning the numbers to friends or family, and their jaws drop. Read more

The January Recap

Like my 365 project rundown for January showed, it’s been a quiet month. And I have really, really enjoyed it.

The great thing about having a nice, quiet and somewhat frugal month is getting to stay in and just consume film after film after film. Oh and a smattering of TV too.

January was a great month for films. Saw 11 films in January alone! Doing a lot of work to catch up on all the films I’ve missed from last year. And perhaps the year before that too. Check them out: Read more

It’s happening. The big 3-0. Not for a while though

2014 holds one big event for me. And, well, countless other people born in 1984.

This year I’ll be turning 30.

It’s just a number, right? It’s how I’m approaching the whole turning a year older situation.

As well as being vaguely boring about turning 30, I thought it would be a good opportunity for some vaguely linked set of blog posts.

So this year I’m going to take a look at some other films that are also turning 30 this year. Read more