An alternative Dexter


I am a big fan of Ty Mattson’s Dexter prints. I just wish I could buy just one of them, but international shipping and customs charges are stopping me.

He’s just created his own version of Dexter’s opening titles using what he created.

Is that not just one of the best thing you’ve seen today? Or possibly this week, month, year. Insert whatever time span you want to in there.

Daily Email Inspiration


I signed up to Email Inspiration a few weeks ago and get treated to some daily inspiration, first thing in the morning. Every day there’s something to make me think ‘ooooo!’ but today there was something especially ‘oooo!’-worthy to me:

Wilfred Castillo

It’s not the subject matter of this lovely infographic that grabbed me, but the colours – l just love its simplicity. Four colours, including white. Contrast and complement nicely. Can just imagine grabbing the colour scheme and using it on a website design.

Created by Wilfred Castillo. Go have a look at his other work, which is equally as lovely to look at.

Can’t recommend signing up to Email Inspiration enough. There’s a nice mix of photos and illustrations to gawp at first thing in the morning.

Inspiration: Text Art Showcase


Came across this post – this post showcasing some really inspiring pieces of artwork almost solely made out of text.

Here are a few of my favourites:

Dalai Lama Am I Your Type? Type Art

I’m always in awe of amazing use of type. I’m really loving some recent kinetic typography videos I’ve seen (click to see them in their full-sized beauty):

httpv:// httpv://

I WISH I could even think of doing something like that let alone actually doing it.