Hovering around the middle


There’s been a ‘monthly catch-up’ post sitting in my draft posts with one line and a title for the last couple of weeks.

There’s also been a ‘weekly round-up’ post sitting in my drafts for this week too.

Now it’s Thursday and neither have been done and the likelihood of either being done is getting slimmer and slimmer. See, the thing is…

I’m off to Bahrain in a few hours!

So while I’d love to wax on about how much of an amazing time I had when I went to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis on Monday night at the Brixton Academy and the fun I had on the weekend at a charity fete thing. There are so many blogs I need to catch up on too! It’s just impossible to do.

I’m still trying to cram in a few more hours of work and have constant thoughts that I haven’t got everything packed. It’s all a bit WOOOO.

There will be a catch up. There will be blog posts. There will be photos. Just as soon as I touchdown somewhere…!

Lording it up in Scotland


My Going dark for a week has turned into a little bit longer than that. But I’m back. Back from a somewhat active and food filled holiday in Scotland. Stayed in the stunning Landmark Trust property Castle of Park in the Dumfries and Galloway area – the south-west of Scotland. There could not have been a better building to stay in. For one thing, it’s a freaking castle. And this castle fact was confirmed after some wikipedia’ing on what makes a building a castle.

Shall I just skip on down to the photos? Things are more exciting when told with photos. Though be prepared for some extreme dull weather in these photos. I don’t think I saw the sun once! Wait, I did. On the last day, on the drive home.

Going dark for a week


While things have been a tad quiet here, they may get a lot quieter over the next week. See, I’m off on holiday! To Scotland…

Yes, Scotland. In November. It’s going to be a very cosy holiday. Lots of hearty food, a roaring fire and days out wrapped up in a million layers of clothing. Cosy!

The best bit about the holiday? Where I’ll be staying. A stunning Landmark Trust property called Castle of Park. What a gorgeous building! I can’t wait to see it, and yes, take a ridiculous number of photos of it.

So, I’ll be dark for a week. No doubt I’ll be tweeting though! See you in a week!

Wales in November – Genius!


Last week I had an amazing week off work and shipped myself off to Wales with some friends. Well, shipped off in the essence of driving there myself. To Wales. The extremely foreign, totally different other country. Well, you have to pay to get in!

I spent the week in Saundersfoot, on the Pembrokeshire coast. So, if you’ve got an image of Wales in your head, it’s the south-west coast.

Saundersfoot Beach

As I’ve already mentioned, I have been to Pembrokeshire before. On a lovely school geography field trip. What I didn’t realise until I got to Saundersfoot was that was the town which has the beach of the infamous rainy day, ice-cream eating, yellow mac wearing day on said field trip! Ahh happy memories!

Back from Wales and sorting through the memories


I’m back from Wales and currently going through hundreds of photos, trying to whittle them down to the ones that are actually any good.

I’ll post more on Wales and the adventures. All I’ll say now is that I had a brilliant time. I didn’t think Wales in November could be quite as much fun and as outdoorsy. Guess I have global warming to thank for that?

Keep an eye on my flickr – I’ll be uploading the photos up there soon.

Now, I’m just waiting for the bump back down to Earth on Monday morning when I get woken up by my morning work alarm.