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Tag: Interstellar

Soundtrack Pick: Interstellar

Interstellar Soundtrack

Simply knowing that a Christopher Nolan film is being scored by Hans Zimmer is enough to get me a little excited. The Interstellar soundtrack is my new The Dark Knight Rises. It’s been playing on repeat since I saw the film. (Following my rule of not listening to a soundtrack until I’ve seen the film.) Read more

Film Review: Interstellar

Interstellar Film Review

The wait to finally see Interstellar was painful. Painful. Absolutely wracked as to whether I should risk seeing it in the cinema over here in Bahrain, or just wait until it’s “accessible” for me. There’s no such thing as an IMAX cinema here, so there was no chance of getting to see Interstellar in all its glory. And I figured, seeing most of the spectacle on the big screen would be worth the thought of potentially having the odd swear word or something cut here or there. So cinema it was. THANK FUCK I DID THAT. Read more