120+ movies: Contagion

120+ Movies of 2011, Annual Movie Challenge

ContagionContagion (25/10/11)

A thriller centered on the threat posed by a deadly disease and an international team of doctors contracted by the CDC to deal with the outbreak.

A few days after seeing this film I’m not entirely sure whether I really liked it or not. I think I did. There were bits where I thought, ‘ooo’, but overall, I’m not sure I can say I really enjoyed the film.

It’s a film about disease and the spread of disease. Despite the great and enormous cast, the disease is the leading role. Think that might be where it fell down a little with me. You’re not given enough time with any character to feel the impact of this spreading epidemic. But then, I’m not sure you’re meant to.

It’s a stark film from start to finish. Shows you a worse case scenario, which felt fairly realistic. For that it gets an extra point.
Rating: 3/5

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100 movies: Milk, Jesse James, Rendition & The Reader

100 movies of 2010

I’ve been a little bit poorly the last few days. Good thing? I relaxed, recouped and watched a few movies. Sadly, I had no movies that were what I wanted to watch – brainless, action and unthinky. The only movies I had were big dramas that are all fairly intense. They all required a certain amount of attention. Oh well!

Milk (26/02/10)
The true story of Harvey Milk, brilliantly portrayed by Sean Penn. Loved the movie very much. Everyone in it was brilliant, though Sean Penn did blow me away. So convincing in this role – couldn’t imagine any other actor in the role. A part of American history that I knew nothing of, so I felt that I walked away (figuratively) from the movie a little better educated.
Rating: 5/5

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (27/02/10)
Another ‘based on true story’ type of movie. I seemed to be watching a lot of those movies this year. While I did enjoy this one, it didn’t amaze me like I thought it would. Don’t get me wrong I did really enjoy it and everyone’s performance in it was brilliant, I just felt that it dragged. I usually love a good long movie. Length of movies doesn’t usually phase me. Only when it doesn’t feel like the movie is long for me. This movie felt long to me. Casey Affleck lifted this movie for me. He was brilliant!
Rating: 3/5

Rendition (27/02/10)
A good ol’ political drama. I think this is the first movie I’ve seen where Jake Gyllenhaal was playing an adult! Well, someone close to his own age. Though I didn’t think he did very much throughout the movie, except look a bit moody. It was a good enough political drama, though I didn’t feel the tension. Or any kind of real feeling to any one character. The saving grace was the bit of a twist in the movie time line that happened towards the end of the movie. Didn’t expect it but fully appreciated it!
Rating: 3/5

The Reader (28/02/10)
Amazing movie. I had no expectations from this movie other thank I knew I was meant to think Kate Winslet was amazing in it. And she was. Very beautifully told story with a really good performance to the actor who played young Michael.
Rating: 4/5

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100 movies of 2010: Revolutionary Road

100 movies of 2010

Revolutionary Road (24/02/10)
I am about a year behind on all the good movies I should be seeing, but trying to catch up now. Revolutionary Road had been on my ‘to-watch’ list for a long time, but now, no more! Brilliant movie. Wasn’t at all disappointed while watching. I had no real idea about the movie other than it was directed by Sam Mendes, Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet are reunited and they play a couple in fifties America. Oh and apparently I should line up something extremely happy to watch after I’ve seen this movie. Good tip!

Really brilliant movie which looked stunning and the leads were brilliant. It’s a heartbreaking movie to watch. In the back of my mind I realised where it was all heading, though I was quite happy to be fooled and play along and pretend everything was going to work out fine.
Rating: 5/5

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