More musically informed. Marginally


Thanks to those who gave me some new music to try out when I pleaded for some help. I’ve been giving some of those offerings test drives while I drive home. Turns out it’s a great time for me to try new things. Why? Sometimes I’m slightly impatient on the way home, so if I really don’t like the sound of something it’ll get skipped more or less straight away.

Out of all of the bands/singers that were recommended to me Bat for Lashes and Ladytron came out way on top. I gave Two Suns by Bat for Lashes a try to Ladytron’s Best of 00-10 and Gravity the Seducer. I could quite happily listen to those albums for ever. Beautiful stuff. Ladytron reminded me a little of Ladyhawke (not just in name), so got me back to listening to her. Having reminders of music you already know and like, but for some reason you forgot existed, are welcome reminders.