Feeling a little zesty


Lemon Lime Muffins

There’s been a big deal in the news over here about the amount of food that goes to waste. I’m guilty of it. Though, I like to think I’m pretty good at not wasting everything. I’ve been known to drink milk that’s past it’s best before date. If it smells fine and tastes fine, it’s all good to me. I’ve even eaten mayonnaise that was a YEAR past it’s use by date. A YEAR. And I’m still standing. And no, it didn’t look off or mouldy or taste funny.

There were a couple of lemons and limes sitting in my fruit bowl being all neglected and well on the way to drying out completely. Me – in the mood for baking something but without any specific ingredients barring sugar, eggs and flour.

How about some lemon lime muffins? It’d be boring to do just plain lemon muffins. Plus, I’ve done those before. I wanted to see if adding lime to the mix would change things up a bit.