Sticking up for the social networks


The good people over at Facebook, Twitter and RIM are once again going to face questions from MPs over the August’s riots.

I’m a bit annoyed how a lot of blame is being put on social media. From where I’m standing, social media is just another form of communication. I’m sure there were plenty of people who were communicating about the riots through ‘normal’ ways like telephone and email. But because social media is so much more instant, it’s getting a bum rap!

But surely it was social media that helped catch a fair few of these people. Thanks to tumblrs like Catch a Looter (Which is now sadly gone…) and a stupid amount who thought that boasting about their loot with photos of themselves on Facebook and Twitter was a good idea.

Surely communication is only going to get easier in the future. More people with access to mobile Internet. Push messaging for everyone. It’s going to get harder and harder for anyone to police this. I guess that’s no reason not to try to do something.

We’re either heading to a future of absolute freedom of speech or we’re going to be policed to hell and back. I’m trying to think of some film titles, but they’re alluding me!

The blame game


riots in Tottenham and moving towards me in Edmonton

I might get lynched for saying this, but here I go…

Since Saturday night there’s been somewhere in the UK that has been the victim of rioting. I don’t think need to go into details.

The media coverage of it has been immense. This morning, while munching on my Weetabix during my breakfast I was watching BBC Breakfast. As I usually do every work day morning. They had a few people on the sofa, from a couple of youth groups and a 17-year-old boy. The discussion turned to talking about why the ‘young people’ felt they needed to riot.

The resounding answer seemed to be that there aren’t enough opportunities for young people, these days. The ‘young people’ are angry about not being able to get jobs and move forward with a future in mind. Being frustrated with where they are in life.

Erm, what? I’m a firm believer in making your own opportunities. Crying or rioting about it won’t make any difference. Do something about it, yourself.

It’s funny that one of the first people to be sentenced in court was a 31 year old teacher. So much for pigeon holing the rioters.