What I've been watching: Last five films

What I’ve been watching: Last five films #2


Guess who’s upped her film count in a matter of days? This person. You know how you make time to clean the house or plan your weekend. Well, I’ve made time for some film watching and it reminded me that it’s something I need. I need my film time. So I carved out some time to watch some great films.

Film Review: Guardians of the Galaxy


Guardians of the Galaxy

Do you remember when the first Guardians of the Galaxy trailer was released to the masses and the masses balked? This isn’t a Marvel comic book film, were the cries. There was space, and spaceships and people with green skin. Ohh… people.

That trailer totally got me. My knowledge of the Marvel universe is limited. Did not have the remotest clue about Guardians of the Galaxy. Nothing. It was new. It looked different. And after the disappointment of Man of Steel, Thor: The Dark World and, to a lesser extent, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I really needed to see a comic book film that would restore my faith in the genre.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Peter Quill – sly devil.

James Gunn’s Gaurdians of the Galaxy did just that. Guardians takes us out of the well-known universe and plonks us somewhere completely alien, while still building a universe and arc that’s going to be pivotal in Avengers: Age of Ultron. It’s funny, witty, dry and sarcastic. It’s a mainstream James Gunn film. And a good one. A GREAT one.

Guardians of the Galaxy felt very much like The Avengers – putting the band together. But with Guardians the band of misfits really felt like a proper band of misfits. Misfits, outcasts and those who don’t fit in. None of these guys can be classed as “genius, billionaire, playboy philanthropist” – somewhere Peter, Gamora, Drax, Groot and Rocket just fell of a wagon and carved their own paths.

Thoroughly enjoyed the action in the film. It just feels like it’s been forever since there was a good space based film. (Just as I typed that, my brain went to Interstellar. What I mean is a space sci-fi pulp feeling film. K?) The final battle was incredible. It was perfectly done with some actually very emotional moments alongside Gamora and Nebula slogging it out and epic air battle going on around it all.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I am Groot.

The score disappointed. Tyler Bates’ score didn’t shine in the film. It didn’t bring anything to the moments it was backing. Then on listening to it as a standalone album, I can’t remember much of it. Perhaps I’m moving on from the “soundtrack-y” sounding scores. BUT the actual movie soundtrack is fantastic – the awesome mix vol. 1 was the oddly perfect selection of songs for the film.

Chris Pratt knocked it out of the park as Peter. Funny, intelligent, witty – completely sold on Star Lord. Was surprised how attached I got to both Rocket and Groot. Especially Rocket – the film did a brilliant job at not over sentimentalising the shitty situations each of the Guardians were previously in. Or saw themselves as.

Guardians of the Galaxy

An utterly magical moment in the film.

And it’s that that made the film for me. Despite all the glorious space opera going on and the action – the Guardians of the Galaxy themselves were each incredibly relatable characters. At one point in our lives, we’ve all felt some of what these characters have portrayed. And look at them – they’re fucking heroes who still have a long way to go.

X-Men: Days of Future Past – Messing with my mind


X-Men: Days of Future Past

It has been a very long time since I wrote down my thoughts on any film, long or short, here on my blog. Something I feel like I need to get into the habit of again. Admittedly, I’m no film critic – so far from it. But … I think I miss regurgitating my thoughts on films I’ve seen.

So here I am, starting it up again with the latest X-Men film – X-Men: Day of Future Past.

A maybe monthly round-up (1)


Bye-bye October. Hello November. October has gone by ridiculously quickly. Wasn’t it just September? Oh, wait, is that just senility creeping in early?

I survived St Judes Storm! *sigh* The build up over this was hilarious. Bigger than the storm of 1987, they were saying! I remember the storm in 1987. It was terrifying. Sure I was three. But I remember being terrified. St Judes Storm managed to blow my bin open. WOOOO. My 50ft trees in my garden were still standing. Though public transport ground to a halt. God bless British public transport.

Exciting stuff. I got my G+ vanity URL! Along with hundreds, probably thousands, of other people. But it still managed to excite me – http://google.com/+JainaMistry

In other terribly unexciting social media news, I’m back on Pinterest. I never really left as such. But, I just forgot about it and didn’t think I had a use for it any more. Oh no. I’ve remembered why I liked it and so, will be pinning like a fiend from now on. Maybe not quite fiend-like. Near-fiend. Feel free to follow me.

So, back to something vaguely interesting. How was October? Well, it went quickly and quietly…

100 movies: Dredd 3D

100 movies of 2012

[yellow_box]Every year I set myself a target, usually of about 100, of films to watch. These are new films. Not new, new films. But films that are new to me. Any time I’ve seen a new one, I post a bit of a brain dump of my thoughts on the film here. Enjoy![/yellow_box]

Dredd 3DDredd 3D (19/09/12)

In a violent, futuristic city where the police have the authority to act as judge, jury and executioner, a cop teams with a trainee to take down a gang that deals the reality-altering drug, SLO-MO.

Dear end of summer blockbuster season – you have been somewhat mediocre. No, you’ve just been mediocre. Please could you shove right along and let us get to the good stuff?

Is it me, or has this post-summer blockbuster season been worse than recent years? Don’t worry. I didn’t hate Dredd 3D. It’s just in a long line of very mediocre films I’ve seen this year.

It had its good stuff. Notably, the soundtrack. It’s every bit as loud, pumping and grimy as Peach Trees. Fits in perfectly with the film and is up there with one of my favourite soundtracks for this year.

Karl Urban plays a mean Dredd. He’s a judge and that’s pretty much all you get out of him. And yes, you don’t see his face once during the entire film. That made this girl very sad. (I was slightly concerned if Karl’s face hurt having to spend the entire film with the Dredd grimace plastered on his face. I tried it for 2 seconds on my way to work this morning and my face hurt.)

Lena Headey plays one mean villain. She plays a great villain in Game of Thrones, but here her villain status as Mama is a bit more clear-cut. I was sold that this one woman could be the leader of such a massive group of straight up thugs.

Olivia Thirlby’s character was my only ‘in’ with the film. The only character I could have empathise with and have a connection with. I’m sure that was the point. A nice touch. Even if her character wasn’t anything we haven’t seen before.

The problem I have with Dredd 3D was mostly the 3D. Pointless. I failed in finding a 2D screening. You can get the perfectly good depth achieved in films with a decent shot, not having to rely on 3D.

The other problem I had with Dredd was it just didn’t incite any emotion in me. Sure I might have smiled at a few jokes/deaths. (Some were amusing.) Might have winced once or twice. But it just felt like I was watching a film and not getting involved in it, you know? Megacity 1 looked amazing. The whole plot made sense in my head. But I had no attachment to the film.

By film’s end I was neither glad nor sad that it was over. I just followed the masses leaving the cinema. I am beginning to really tire of these mediocre films!
Rating: 3/5

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