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Hazy, winter sunset

Sunset Watching from Bahrain Fort

During winter Bahrain comes alive. People are outside making the most of the cool weather, especially in places like Bahrain Fort. Which is one of my favourite sunset watching spots. Bahrain Fort is probably one of the most famous tourist sites in Bahrain. It’s a […]

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This Unapologetic Wall

This Unapologetic Wall

This bright yellow wall and blue door felt slightly out-of-place in Muharraq. Buildings here are usually white, beige, or some other neutral colour. The buildings blend into the desert like landscape they sit in. And then there’s this. Unapologetically standing out next to the grey […]

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It's pretty heavy out there

It’s Pretty Heavy Out There

Waking up to this sort of view usually means one thing—widespread dust. And waking up on the day I took this shot I assumed exactly the same thing. But I was wrong. It wasn’t dust obscuring everything outside, but fog instead. One of the densest, […]

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Bahrain's Food Festival 2018

There’s Always a Food Festival On

If there’s one thing that gets people out and about in Bahrain in winter, it’s a food related outdoor festival. Just look at all these people. (And yes, I’m one of them.) There’s a food festival on right now. Coming off the back of three […]

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