Wales in November – Genius!


Last week I had an amazing week off work and shipped myself off to Wales with some friends. Well, shipped off in the essence of driving there myself. To Wales. The extremely foreign, totally different other country. Well, you have to pay to get in!

I spent the week in Saundersfoot, on the Pembrokeshire coast. So, if you’ve got an image of Wales in your head, it’s the south-west coast.

Saundersfoot Beach

As I’ve already mentioned, I have been to Pembrokeshire before. On a lovely school geography field trip. What I didn’t realise until I got to Saundersfoot was that was the town which has the beach of the infamous rainy day, ice-cream eating, yellow mac wearing day on said field trip! Ahh happy memories!

Welsh Winter Holiday


As of today I am off on holiday! About time is all I can say. I haven’t had a holiday, or time off, since I came back from Portugal. Some time in July. Holiday is very much-needed!

Where am I going? The wonderfully glamorous Wales! I’m heading to Saundersfoot on the Pembrokeshire coastline for some cozy, winter holiday-ing.

I’ve been to Pembrokeshire before. Just over 10 years ago as part of a school geography field trip. My most vivid memory was running along the beach in Tenby, in bright yellow macs and green wellies to get to the only ice-cream van that was on the other side of the beach. Oh, it was pouring down with rain and was probably only about 12 degrees. Looking forward to recreating that moment!

So goodbye for the week. I’ll be back on Friday. Hopefully well rested, but probably longing for the holiday to keep going!

I think I’ve got some random bits slotted in for the week, so it won’t be completely quiet here!