100 movies: Getting back on track

100 movies of 2010

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (23/07/10)
I loved the first Ice Age movie. It looked lovely and the story brought tears to my eyes. But this one? Oh dear. I don’t understand why they keep giving Scrat more screen time. It’s just annoying and repetitive. I get it, he wants his nut! The underlying story of a mixed up family was done far better in Up. However the film did look great. BUT.. that’s not enough for me.
Rating: 1/5

Mars Attacks! (24/07/10)
I don’t know why I still hadn’t seen this film. CRAZY! At least the problem is rectified now. A very funny, satirical movie that’s just a lot of fun to watch. With a heck of a lot of famous people in it! Tom Jones made me laugh more than he should have. Loved the shoddy CG. A very fun film to watch.
Rating: 3/5

Inside Man (25/07/10)
I thought this was your typical bank heist movie. I was ready to settle into the usual routine of hostages, negotiator and usual action. I was a little bit wrong and very grateful for that. I spent a good part of the film trying to figure out what the hell was actually going on. I like films that tax my brain a little. But by the end make sense. Though I remained confused as to the choice of opening and closing song for the film – a very popular Hindi song. I didn’t understand and still don’t!
Rating: 4/5

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