Rant: London 2012 Olympics


London 2012 Olympics

Any time I hear news about the London 2012 Olympics my eyes just roll to the back of my head and I get incredibly angry.

The latest to have that effect on me is the news that if you were lucky enough to get too many tickets through the original ballot earlier this year, come January you’ll be able to resell your tickets legitimately through London 2012’s official ticketing website to other people, at face value. This is after buyers were told, on initial release of tickets, that you wouldn’t be able to legally sell on your unwanted tickets.

Had I known this would have been the case I would have definitely gone for more tickets than I did! (I got none out of the 6 different events I tried for.) Fine, there’s no guarantee that you’ll actually be able to sell on your tickets. And you’ve only got a month to do so, but I don’t doubt that anyone trying to sell tickets will have any huge problems in actually selling them.

Then there’s the fact that there are various official ticketing agencies around the world who are able to sell tickets and still have some available. Why weren’t all the tickets only available through London 2012’s own ticketing website? Surely that would have been fairer?


I could continue this rant but I think I need to stop and get on with some work. Maybe I’m bitter I didn’t get any tickets or maybe it’s just that the London fricking 2012 Olympics are feeling like a big, BIG joke. Go on, tell me I’m being a humbug-y Scrooge!

The bane of my life


I’ve been driving to work for just over 4 years. In all those 4 years I’ve been taking the A40 through to West London. In all those years The A40’s treated me well and badly and just plain nasty.

Plain nasty would be how it treated me this evening. Left work just after 5pm and I got home at about 7:45pm. It’s 13 miles! Thanks to some flooding, a lane was closed and the A40 turned into my worst nightmare.

I complain, bitch and moan but I’ll never ditch my car. It’s not that I don’t do public transport. I do. When it works properly. But I like my car, driving and a huge personal bubble travelling to and from work!

Rant over.

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans


I like to think I’m fairly normal shaped. Fair enough I’m short. I’m only 5ft 2 inches. So, that’s below average, I know that. I’m happy with that. Honest. Well, happy until it’s time to go shopping for clothes. More specifically, jeans.

My favourite pair

Went shopping this week to try to completely update my wardrobe. (I tend not to shop throughout the year, just massive blow out shopping trips a couple of times a year.) I desperately needed to replace quite a few pairs of jeans. The jeans that are so lived in they are falling apart.

Went into shop after shop after shop. Did I find any pair of jeans that fit? Hardly. All too long or couldn’t get them past my knees. Which is always a nice feeling!

I hate going to a petite section in a clothes shop. Yes, I can get jeans that fit. But they fit too perfectly! The length is just a little too short for my liking. I like jeans a little longer. Picky? Probably. But everyone’s got their own taste!

So now I’m still in my jeans I’ve lived in for far too long. I spent a ludicrous amount of money on a pair of trousers, only because they actually fit. Though, they weren’t a pair of jeans.

My only option seems to be is to get custom-made jeans or make my legs longer.

I understand this is a strange little rant. Surely I can’t be alone on this though?