What I've been watching: Last five films

What I’ve been watching: Last five films


Pre-Bahrain I spent a fair amount of my weekends in Summer at the cinema. Well, maybe not weekends, but certainly a lot of Friday nights. See, I’m a sucker for blockbuster films.

Sure we get them here. But as I’ve mentioned before, films can tend to be cut. But you’re left guessing as to which films and what’s been cut. The safest thing for a film fan like myself to do is just see the film on the small screen. So while I wait for summer blockbusters, I catch up on other films.

It’s been such a long time since I mentioned anything film related on this blog. I’ve been wondering whether it fits in anymore here. But I tend to over think things. So to tell with the wondering and here’s the last five films I’ve seen. That are mostly not even recent releases.

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A Serious ManA Serious Man (19/11/10)
Coen brothers do good on another film. Loved A Serious Man. I was a little confused at the beginning – I really had no clue what was going on. But by the end I think I understood the purpose of that little scene. More than once I found myself laughing at various bits in the film. Not to sound terribly racist, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a film about the Jewish culture before. A very smart little film that kept me watching and had me entertained.
Rating: 4/5

Away We GoAway We Go (20/11/10)
I think I liked this film. Honestly I can only just remember watching it. Sadly, it was fairly forgettable. It’s a really sweet story about a couple trying to figure out where they want to be, physically and spiritually. I felt a bit bored and frustrated by Burt and Verona’s aimless meanderings. I could see where they were going, but the journey didn’t interest me. All the different types of parenting felt a little too obvious. Nice film, glad I saw it, but wouldn’t jump to see it again.
Rating: 2/5

Law Abiding CitizenLaw Abiding Citizen (20/11/10)
I think the only way to describe this film is a cross between the Saw movies and TV’s Dexter. A law-abiding citizen, played by Gerard Butler, is bent on revenge after his family are killed during a home invasion. But he’s no ordinary revenge seeking murderer. Much like Saw’s Jigsaw and Dexter, he’s educated himself on the best ways to get his revenge on those that wronged him. There’s only really one way this film could have ended and it did just that. However along the way I wasn’t hooked into the film whatsoever. Jamie Foxx played a character who I couldn’t care much for and so struggled when I was meant to be on his side of the story. Gerard Butler did well enough in his role, but just failed to capture my imagination. This law-abiding citizen is no match for either Jigsaw or Dexter.
Rating: 2/5

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