100 movies: A Time Traveller, Sack Dolls and 27 Dresses

100 movies of 2010

The Time Traveller's WifeThe Time Traveller’s Wife (02/10/10)
A sci-fi love story. Strange, but it works. This was a very touching film, though initially it felt a little aimless. The thought of just watching the couple go through their life didn’t fill me with any kind of thrill. Though there was enough thrown into Henry and Clare’s life together to keep me vested in the film. Think I enjoyed the film more because of Eric Bana and Rachel McAdams. Excellent leads and were very believable as a couple. Also Ron Livingstone! I haven’t seen him in a film for too long. And was that Kale Ingram from Rubicon in this film? Looking older than he does now.
Rating: 3/5

99 (03/10/10)
For some reason I thought Tim Burton had more to do with this film than he actually did. Might be something to do with the fact that this film seems to always be introduced as Tim Burton’s 9. As far as I could see he only produced! It didn’t have much of a Tim Burton feel to it at all. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Strange little animation with a very strange plot – sack cloth dolls are the last living beings on Earth, trying to battle machines that have taken over. Not sure it totally worked, but it did keep me entertained for the duration of the film. There were some neat little action moments and some very touching times too. Though it’s pretty forgettable.
Rating: 2/5

27 Dresses27 Dresses (03/10/10)
Hmm, your typical romcom. A very easy to watch film, that’s for sure. No brain required! Katherine Heigl plays the leading role well enough. James Marsden did well enough as leading man too. They played off each other pretty well. The dress changing scene was cute. Everything in it was pretty predictable. But then I think you know that going into the film.
Rating: 2/5

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100 movies – 4 more movies!

100 movies of 2010

With yet more recovery and resting at home, a few more movies have been seen:

Flags of Our Fathers (03/03/10)
I like war movies. Not that I like watching wars or anything, but I like the history aspect and there’s something about them. Maybe the depression in them! I liked this movie. It really made war look brutal and harsh. It didn’t glamorise it at all. It did well at creating the sense or camaraderie there is between men at war. The cast were really very good – I kept seeing actors and thinking, ‘Ooo, I recognise him’ throughout the whole movie. Visually the movie was stunning. The war scenes just looked so bleak.
Rating: 4/5

A History of Violence (03/03/10)
What a brutal and depressing movie. Well partly depressing. Very harsh movie. Viggo was fantastic in it and really sold the role he was playing. I really liked Maria Bello in this movie. The only other thing I’ve seen her in was the third Mummy movie where she did her terrible impression of Rachel Weisz. Great movie. Just not something I’d like to see again any time soon, just because it’s quite harsh!
Rating: 4/5

Office Space (04/03/10)
Why has it taken me so long to watch this movie?! It’s been sitting on my Sky Box for more months than I can even think of. I honestly can’t remember when I recorded it but so glad I did. I loved this movie. Really funny. There’s some bits about that office life that I could relate to, to some extent. The characters were hilarious and I just loved the whole movie. Milton made me laugh a lot and then think, ‘Aww bless’. Fantastic movie.
Rating: 5/5

The Eye (04/03/10)
The movie was on and I wasn’t going anywhere, so I sat and watched it. It was OK, as far as adapted horror movies go. I was getting a bit bored part way through the movie because I felt it took far too long to get to the point of the movie and actually go anywhere. I didn’t understand why Sydney kept going back to the doctor, who clearly didn’t care. But then did care. I didn’t jump at all throughout the whole movie. Nothing that unexpected and it was all a rather happy ending. Well, actually, that I wasn’t expecting.
Rating: 2/5

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