A skipping status update


It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I publicly promised I’d do some more exercise for my own benefit.

I’m happy to say that skipping about 3 times a week has not broken me. Yet. I can now skip for about 30 seconds without stopping or tripping up on the rope. I have noticed that as I get tired, my legs tend to get lazy and not jump as much as they should do!

Gradually increasing the time. Well, I’ve upped it by a couple of minutes since I started. Continuous skipping is definitely harder than I thought it would be. It’s a good sign I’ve not been put off by it yet though.

Bringing back the get up and go


Currently I’m trying to put in some extra effort to get healthy. I reckon I’ve got a pretty healthy diet. However, on the exercise side of things I fail. It’s a combination of laziness and really disliking the gym. To me exercise is about being outdoors playing sports or doing something active outside. Not pounding a treadmill for half an hour.

I used to go swimming a few times a week before work. Loved it. Until I saw something I couldn’t un-see at my local public swimming pool. Also the state of the showers first thing in the morning was not nice. Oh and they started charging for the car park! So until I have my own private swimming pool, I won’t be swimming.

I used to go to pilates classes. Once a week for nearly three years. I enjoyed it. But, the classes got a little boring for what I was paying. So, I’m picking it up at home. I’ve learnt a lot in the 3 years I went to classes. Enough to be able to do a little every night.

I’m going back into the outdoors. Well, outside of my door. I’m attempting to go walking on the weekends. For an hour. Jogging around where I live is a bit of an uphill battle. Literally. Walking’s a good second best with all the hills I seem to have to climb! Also, I’ve got Google’s My Tracks on my phone. That instantly has made walking a whole lot more exciting. Don’t ask me why, but it’s nice to know that my maximum elevation was 500 ft.

Now for the slightly crazy. I’ve bought myself a skipping rope. We all know the Internet never lies. So I trusted the Internet and all its users who said that using a skipping rope was a good cardio exercise. Looked up a few tips and started a few days ago.

Lots of places said to start out slow. Aim to skip for about 15 minutes but in the beginning work your way up to that. My aim was to skip for 20 seconds and stop and keep that up. For at least 10 minutes.

Harder than I would have ever thought!

I think after 5 minutes I would worn out. Either I’m painfully unfit (yes) or skipping rope is harder than I remembered it was (yes). Skipping was so easy when I was little!

I’m not put off. I’m going to keep at it. Least I have a goal of what I’d like to do. I don’t have a specific time frame to be able to skip 10 minutes without stopping. I’d just like to be able to do that some time before the end of the year. My skipping rope came with some more hints and tips on creating a routine and keeping the skipping interesting.

Let’s just hope I don’t break myself while jumping.