We choose the stories to tell

We choose the stories to tell


No one on the Internet is living the life you think they are.

The opening line to last week’s edition of The Sunday Dispatches from Paul Jarvis. It touched a nerve. More accurately, it shook something loose in me.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+, whatever your poison, they are all great. Great for you, for whatever you use them for. Whether it’s to keep in touch with family, friends, long-lost twice removed cousins, we’ve got a plethora of apps to be able to communicate with pretty much anyone.

But here’s the thing with me. I am insanely guilty of constantly comparing. Comparing what other people are doing to what I’m doing. Where they’re going. Who they’re seeing. Social media has made it that much easier to be able to see and hear that information. And I’ve let it bring me down.

I am who I am and that’s who I say I am


Is it me, or is it incredibly hard to represent yourself on Twitter/Google+/Pinterest/etc without managing to alienate one interest group or another?

It’s sort of “best practice” to choose a niche subject/core interest and concentrate on that on whatever social network you choose. That’s usually a good way to find people who’ve got the same interests as you and to expand your network.

But what if you’ve got a variety of interests and you want to talk about all of them on social? I guess the option is to create different accounts for your personas. The problem with this? Keeping track of all of them! Trust me, I’ve tried and failed pretty miserably. (Perhaps I’m doing something wrong.)

Google+ – I think I get it now!


Last week I told myself I was going to give Google+ a proper go. I’ve been on it since, pretty much, when it all kicked off but I’ve barely used it. Why? A little bit of confusion concerning what the point of Google+ actually was. I just didn’t get it.

In my concerted effort to give Google+ a proper go I stumbled across another G+’er who, in a sentence, described what I was looking for. Sadly, I’ve lost who it was. Thankfully, I know exactly what they said.

Google+ isn’t like Facebook and it’s not meant to be. Facebook connects people through their social interactions. Google+ connects people through their mutual interests.

It was that moment when a light bulb switches on in your head. Just that short explanation was apparently all I needed to get firmly on the G+ bandwagon. I think I’ve been skipping along the bandwagon so far. Now I am definitely on it.

It is a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, tumblr all rolled into one. You can make of it what you want to. You can keep it to your social groups, like Facebook. Or you can do that as well as be all about sharing the things you’re into with the wider world. You can mould it into whatever you want it to be. I get it now and can now see how powerful G+ can potentially be.

No, I’ve not been paid by Google to say this. Though you’re probably suspecting Skynet, sorry Google, has had a dabble in my brain after my post the other week about me getting onboard with Google Photos. Now this? Oh yes. I’m no longer me. It’s true. I’m just something else controlled by Skynet… Google!

So, feel free to add me to any of your circles if you’re on G+. I’m right here! One of these days I’m going to pluck up the courage to join in on a hangout. One day.

I’ve got some Klout. Apparently


I decided to join Klout last week. It’s what all the cool kids are doing and I need to keep up with them.


At Klout, you’re given a score. Mine is 42 (at the time of writing). 42 what? Don’t know! This is what Klout say their score says:

The Klout Score measures influence based on your ability to drive action. Every time you create content or engage you influence others.

However I’m not totally sure of its use for me and this blog, personally. Saying that, it has given me some funny and strange insights into who I apparently influence and who apparently influences me.

Sorting out my Twitter self


I have finally sorted my Twitter accounts out! Accounts you say? Yes, I have more than one. For good reason.

Initially I had one for myself and my normal ramblings, one for DTD (who’s days are now numbered) and one for DTD’s Forums. Three’s not too bad a number. Considering one, the Twitter account for the forums, was just pulling the new replies and threads from the RSS feed.

After starting this site, realising I quite like tweeting from DTD’s Twitter account, but only for TV/movie fandom things and opening a portfolio, I realised I’d need a bit more separation in my tweeting life.

So here’s what I’ve got now:

@steamsmyclams: Twitter account for me, the one I’ve always used and will always use. Usually stuffed full of ramble-y things about my day to day life. Photos of the day will still appear here.
@jainamistry: Twitter for my portfolio and generally more web/work related things. I won’t be ramble-y there!
@ChicTVGeek: What I’ve renamed DTD’s Twitter to – still all TV related, just a new name.

I swear one day I will post the wrong thing on the wrong Twitter account with epic consequences, and not just the mildly amusing consequences that has happened.