120+ movies: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

120+ Movies of 2011, Annual Movie Challenge

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsSherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (19/12/11)

Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr. Watson join forces to outwit and bring down their fiercest adversary, Professor Moriarty.

I really kinda loved this film. It was funny, I loved the set pieces and the banter’s as good, if not better, than the first film. Sure there’s been a lot of bemoaning of Guy Ritchie’s style when it comes to the action sequences. I for one like the style. Fine, it might have been a little over used in this film, but never at one point during one of those moments did I think ‘meh’.

Love the bromance between Holmes and Watson. I think Watson’s the first role that Jude Law’s played that I actually like. He was great back in Gattaca, but he wasn’t exactly all that likeable. Robert Downey Jr.’s excellent as Holmes with his impeccable accent.

While I loved Jared Harris’ Moriarty, he made for a match-for-match villain for Holmes, I thought the plot felt like it was missing something. Compared to the first film. At times I had to keep reminding myself what exactly our heroes were meant to be doing.

Aside from that irk, great film, lots of fun with some points where I actually laughed out loud. I’ll happily welcome a third outing for this film franchise.
Rating: 4/5

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100 movies: V for Vendetta

100 movies of 2010

[yellow_box]Updated 30/12/11: Today I rewatched this film. I promised myself I’d do this because after watching this film I did say to myself I was clearly missing something. Now that I have rewatched, I get what I was missing. Feels like my eyes have been opened! I take back my original score and give this what it deserves. A very solid 4/5[/yellow_box]

V for VendettaV for Vendetta (06/11/10)
Clearly I’ve missed something while watching this film. It’s got an average rating of 8.2 on IMDB and I honestly can’t think why! Maybe I wasn’t in the right mood to watch this film, but I just couldn’t connect with it. I think the one set of scenes which really grabbed me and got me to pay attention was when Natalie Portman’s Evey was being held prisoner, going through daily torture and surviving it all. Then to realise what was really going on. Possibly my only liked bit in the film because it felt well thought out and I understood, that for Evey to understand what V went through she had to go through it herself.

Other than that, I was at a loss with the film. It’s very possible I wasn’t in the mood for it as I did keep nodding off. I know it went through development hell, James Purefoy being cast, then dropping out, and a host of other issues. But I just couldn’t get into it! Maybe I’ll give it a try another time. Not any time soon. There’s got to be a reason it was given 8.2! I’m probably giving it a slightly higher score than I should because I thought Natalie Portman was very good.
Rating: 2/5

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100 movies: From animated to just plain weird

100 movies of 2010

I think this is the highest number of movies I’ve seen in a single week. Or the last couple of weeks. It’s what helps me feel better when I’m not so well. So here’s the last few days worth of movies.

Alice in Wonderland (05/03/10)
I didn’t have the highest of high hopes for this movie. I was going into it expecting some amazing stuff from Tim Burton’s mind, crazy stuff from Johnny Depp’s and general entertainment. That’s roughly what I got. I did go and see the 3D version of the film and, to be honest, the 3D didn’t grab me. As more and more movies try out the 3D I’m finding myself getting more and more jaded by it. Not once did I oo or ahh at the 3D. In fact I was vaguely more impressed by the 3D trailer for Toy Story 3 and the Sky 3D advert! Some people in the cinema ooo’d when a teacup came flying at the screen, but in my mind it wasn’t really coming out of the screen.

Enough poo-pooing 3D, what about the film? I really enjoyed it, as I already said. The couple things I really liked was the vision and the casting. Tim Burton’s mind never fails to give you something that looks amazing. And I wasn’t disappointed at all here. Wonderland looked amazing. All the characters were brilliantly conceived. Just lovely to look at. Then there’s the casting, which in my mind was perfect. Everyone from Mia Wasikowska as Alice to Anne Hathaway as the White Queen. I couldn’t fault any of the cast on their roles. Just perfect casting. And Johnny Depp? Well he plays crazy really well and I thought he was great as the Mad Hatter.

I was slightly disappointed with Danny Eflman’s score. It really wasn’t that memorable. I can’t remember the last score of his where I thought ‘wow’.

It was a nice enough story. Nothing mind blowing and nothing unexpected. Good entertainment in my mind. I think my score might look slightly inflated, but I really loved the look of the movie.
Rating: 4/5

Bolt 06/03/10
Disney’s Bolt – a movie about a girl and her dog. Or just the dog. I’m a bit upset at myself for waiting so long seeing this movie. I’m a dog lover and I lap up anything that involves dogs and Disney. Yes, even Snow Buddies. I loved the film. Much funnier than I was expecting and I warmed to all of the characters more than I thought I would. I even forgot Miley Cyrus was in it! Bolt just reminded me of Axel so much at times! I miss that dog. So I had a fair few tears watching the movie. More than I was expecting. Rhino was hilarious. He really made me laugh. All in all a be-awesome Disney movie!
Rating: 4/5

Gran Torino (06/03/10)
I wasn’t expecting to laugh in this movie. All I knew was that it was Clint Eastwood going all badass on a bunch of neighbourhood thugs. There were quite a few laughs! Just at the bits where Walt is getting to know his neighbours and really getting into the community spirit. Fantastic film. Clint Eastwood was brilliant and I just really enjoyed the whole thing. Not completely what I was expecting, but that was a good thing. And the car? It is a thing of beauty! And here it is!
Rating: 5/5

Franklyn (07/038/10)
Umm, I don’t know what to say about this film. Throughout most of the beginning I was clueless as to what was going on. I thought the two narratives jarred incredibly. I understood how the two narratives were connected, but I just couldn’t buy into it. I was impressed by Ryan Philippe’s English accent! Eva Green was good too. Just couldn’t get behind this film much.
Rating: 2/5

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