Responsibility and Accountibility



It’s humbling to work for a company that’s so well-respected in the industry. What we write is quoted and cited by other resources. People in the industry take what we write on our blog seriously and trust that what we’ve communicated is 100% factual. That’s one hell of a responsibility to have to bear. And we bear it well. If we ever make a mistake, or are wrong on something, I like to think we’re pretty quick and open to saying, “Hey, we made a mistake, but this is the correct thing.”

So this is what it feels like to be thirty


This post is a little overdue. I had planned to post this a day or so after I turned thirty. But a day turned into two. Then five. It’s well over a week now. Though maybe the distance between the day I turned thirty and now is a good thing?

So, yes. July 13th was my thirtieth birthday. Let me tell you something, dear reader. To say I wasn’t exactly looking forward to turning thirty was a slight understatement. But there was nothing stopping it happening!

Expectations, hopes and dreams


They drive us. They motivate us to better ourselves. They are definitely good things in my book.

But sometimes those expectations and dreams are never met let alone exceeded. You’ve then got to be content with setting lower expectations and dreaming a little smaller. Surely there’s nothing wrong with doing that, right?

Now I wouldn’t say that I had my life mapped out in front of me. But I did have certain expectations about where I’d like be by when and what I’d be doing. Let’s call them goals. Little life goals. Once we’ve reached one, set the next and keep going.

Would it be so bad to get things adjusted?


Watching The Adjustment Bureau again the other day. It’s not as if I loved the film, but I was having a lazy Sunday afternoon. It came up on TV and the remote was just too far away for me to try to change the channel.

Strangely, I think I enjoyed the film a bit more watching it on the small screen rather than when I saw it in the cinema. But that’s not really what I’m going to be getting at here.

I just began thinking. Thinking that maybe it might not be such a bad thing if we actually had an Adjustment Bureau in our lives. Knowing that some of the decisions we take in our lives are not just whims but have a real purpose further down the line. That there is a plan.

I understand that a lot of people out there believe in destiny, that our lives are planned out. At one point I did believe that, and sort of still do. But I also prescribe to the notion that you take control of your life. You don’t just coast along letting things happen. But you make the decisions that get you to where you want to be.

The Adjustment Bureau

My very own Adjustment Bureau?

Which was another point that The Adjustment Bureau was driving home. No matter how much things are plotted out, you can still do something to change things.

Having an Adjustment Bureau would alleviate some of the pressure those important decisions feel like they impose on us. Though I guess we wouldn’t really know they existed! Maybe if I could be that one person who did know. That’d be perfect.

This is a bit of a weird ramble. And I know The Adjustment Bureau isn’t really a very think-y sort of film to be taken all that seriously. But I just started thinking that it would be reassuring if you knew that every decision you make in life, whether for good or bad, has some sort of reasoning behind it.