Currently Watching: A mid and end of season update


We’re either at the mid-season hiatus point when it comes to network TV shows or at the end of cable shows, which started in the Fall season. Thought it was another good time to catch up on what I’m currently watching. I’ve dealt with shows I’ve cut already, so here are the survivors:

(As usual the list is big! So read on to see all of what I’m still watching)

Currently Watching: An Update


This year in March I ran through all of the TV shows I was currently watching. That wasn’t all that long ago, but already that list needs an update thanks to a slew of new cable shows and a couple of network shows I’ve started watching.

As there are quite a lot, please read on below to see the entire list:

Currently Watching…


I haven’t done any fandom related catchup posts, either forever, or for a very long time. I’ve started watching a bunch of new things and have dropped, maybe, a couple of shows I had been watching for a while. Felt now was as good a time as any to give a little catch-up on my TV habits.

(As it’s such a long list, I feel I should hide it behind a ‘read-more’ link. There’s an awful lot!)